Our BiddingForGood auction gave our sponsors and donors fantastic visibility and significantly exceeded our expectations.

-Ayako Ezaki, The International Ecotourism Society

Show your auction’s progress in real time

With our real-time auction and cash only leaderboards, everyone at the event can share in the excitement of helping you reach your fundraising goals. Create a whole new level of buzz as bids, cash donations, and amount raised are all updated in real time.

BiddingForGood's Leaderboard will:

  • Encourage bidding
  • Allow you to highlight particular items
  • Show total funds raised in real time *
  • Show live bidding on showcased items *
  • Show cash donations *
  • Create a new sponsorship promotion opportunity
  • Provide a visible and fun way to thank volunteers, donors and sponsors
  • Allow you to promote the mission of your organization to guests

* Must enable mobile bidding at your event to activate these features.

Leaderboard Total Amount Raised

Cash-only leaderboard for paddle ups

Nothing is more motivating for paddle up cash donations than seeing the thermometer head for the top. Keep everyone excited and donating until you reach your cash goal

Easily customize the look with a colored background for the best fit with your venue and event theme

You can display your leaderboards on one or more screens of any size. You can create multiple Leaderboard loops to run at your event and best of all, it's all done before the event. Involve everyone at your event in reaching your goal with this easy-to-use visual reminder to keep on bidding.

BiddingForGood Leaderboard

Set up in less than 15 minutes

Our template based system lets you easily “grab” existing information right out of Auction Manager including:

  • Your auction banner
  • Item descriptions
  • Images
  • Key donors and sponsors
  • Opening bids
  • Bid status (open or closed)
Leaderboard Thank You

Acknowledge your sponsors and supporters

Use the leaderboard to thank your volunteers and donors and showcase your sponsors throughout the evening. Your item donors will be thrilled to be featured with this elegant and highly visible promotion at your event. You'll attract more sponsors by offering “Featured Sponsor on our Leaderboard” in your sponsorship packages.