Floor Planning and Table Seating

Creating a table seating chart just went from dreadful to wonderful

Anyone who has ever had to create and manage a seating plan knows how difficult it is. Now, BiddingForGood has a visual floor plan and table-seating feature that lets you set up your venue, and seat your guests in minutes.

Because it’s a simple drag and drop tool, you can arrange and rearrange to your heart’s content right up until the last minute.

  • Print your plan visually, or generate lists by guest or table.
  • Auto-populate your guest list (and menu choices) when you couple our Table Seating app with our Online Ticket Sales.
  • If you don’t sell tickets online, you can still enter your guests, create your rooms and seat everyone perfectly.
  • Focus on how you want to engage with your high profile attendees instead of trying to manage an unwieldy spreadsheet or hand drawn floor plan.

Your life just got easier, your guests had a smoother experience of getting seated at your event, and you might even have made more money at your fundraiser. What could be better than that?