Sell Tickets to Your Event Online

Selling tickets on our auction site couldn't have been easier. BiddingForGood's platform made it easy for bidders and event-goers to buy tickets with one-click at the same time they registered for our auction—no paper work or filling out forms.

-Geri Walsh, Maple Grove School

Give your community the convenience of online tickets.

Your annual BiddingForGood Auction Manager Pro subscription lets you sell tickets from your auction homepage. It's easy to set up and easy for your supporters to purchase their tickets at their convenience.

Attendees are registered to bid

When attendees purchase tickets they are automatically registered for bidding online and at your event. Registration is streamlined making your event run more smoothly for everyone.

Our online tickets coordinate perfectly with our table seating

Table seating has never been easier. Your event attendee list automatically updates in our drag and drop, visual table-seating feature. Set up your venue room (or rooms) and seat everyone exactly where you want them. Rearrange or reseat however many times you want or need to with a click of your mouse.

Sell Tickets for Your Event

Easily create custom ticket types and even offer discount coupons

Quickly set up as many ticket types as you want and even create discount codes. Many organizations offer discount codes to volunteers or other special supporters. Schools often offer them for teachers or teacher's aides.

  • Early Bird, Adult, Child, Table for Ten. Sponsor Table, Benefactor, etc.
create and Activate Tickets

Our comprehensive ticket report helps you build your database of supporters

The Event Tickets Report provides a list of everyone who bought tickets through our event tickets feature and what kind of ticket was purchased. The report includes the purchaser name and contact information and whether or not a discount code was used.

BiddingForGood offers your choice of fully integrated credit card processors

Stripe (preferred processor) or IATS