Auction Manager Basic

Auction Manager Basic

The FREE way to promote and preview your auction online

If you've ever thought about promoting your auction online but were concerned about the cost, you should try Auction Manager Basic. Auction Manager Basic is a web based, comprehensive auction management software product that allows organizations of any size to take the first step toward running their auction event online.

Sample BiddingForGood Auction

With Auction Manager Basic you can...

  • Create a unique event homepage in under an hour
  • Promote your live event and your sponsors
  • Print bid sheets and your catalog
  • Solicit item donations
  • Import your existing Excel spreadsheets
  • Preview your auction items
  • Easily pre-program the Leaderboards to highlight items, thank sponsors, donors, and volunteers, and promote your mission at your event
  • Generate reports before and after your event
  • And so much more

There is a simple, quick upgrade path to Auction Manager Pro.

With a virtual "flip of a switch" you can take your auction to the next level with access to Instant Items, our 450,000+ cause-minded shoppers and online bidding.