Mobile Bidding at Your Event

Employing mobile bidding during our live event felt radically different. In the end, we garnered 700 bids and raised nearly three times the revenue of last year's auction. The results speak volumes!

-Caroline Haskett, The Wellington School

Organizations that activate mobile bidding at their live events realize from 10% - 50% more revenue from bidders

Infuse your auction with more fun and excitement and raise more money with mobile bidding at your live event. Your bidders use their smartphones for everything from checking email and weather to finding a restaurant. Why not make it easy for them to bid on your auction using their smartphone or tablet, too?

BiddingForGood provides you with your own mobile-optimized website. This means that your auction site automatically adjusts for viewing on mobile devices. Bidders see easy navigation and clear text no matter the size of their screen.

Mobile Bidding Benefits

Streamline your event registration and checkout.

Mobile bidding allows your bidders to register before they arrive at your event, so no one needs to wait in line. They can get right to socializing. All you need to do is set up a few laptops for registration for anyone who hasn't preregistered just to keep everything running smoothly. Now that you have everyone's payment information, checkout is a breeze, too. Guests pick up their items and go.We also offer fully integrated credit card swipers to our Premium Service clients to eliminate the risk of human error when entering credit card information.

Mobile bidding encourages more bidding.

Bidders can set maximum bid alerts and they can also choose to be alerted via text message if they have been outbid at any time. This instant alert makes it convenient for them to bid from wherever they are - in line at the bar, mingling with other guests, enjoying dinner. They don’t have to interrupt their fun to check their bid status on a clipboard. Mobile bidding lets you have the best of both an auction and a party.

Mobile Bidding

Mobile Bidding Remote Support

BiddingForGood offers a remote support option for mobile bidding at your event. We conduct a free connectivity assessment and give you a complete report on the suitability of your venue.

Then we provide phone and email support during your event. Many clients choose this option because they know our platform is easy to use and reliable. We are only a phone call away in case they need us.

Mobile Bidding Premium Support

In addition to the free connectivity assessment, these two support options give you onsite support for your event. We bring iPod Touches®, laptops, fully integrated credit card swipers, and network equipment, as needed, to support your event.

Our onsite support staff are all highly trained and experienced. They make sure your Wi-Fi network is functioning properly, set up your registration stations, train your volunteers, and assist with bidding or technical questions for the entire event.

Larger organizations and those trying mobile bidding for the first time often find it worthwhile to bring BiddingForGood staff to their events. Many move on to Remote Support for subsequent events because they have learned just how easy it can be.

There's never been a better time to try mobile bidding. Give yourself and your guests a better experience.