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Learn How to Bid - FAQ

- Become a Bidder
- Types of Bidding
- Searching For Items

Become a Bidder

Q: How do I register to bid?
A: Click the "Register" link in the upper right corner of any auction page. If you have previously registered and have forgotten your password, click the "Forgot Password?" link and we will email it to you.

Q: How do I sign in to bid?
A: Once you have registered, enter your username and password in the upper right corner and click the "sign in" button.

Q: How can I remove my credit card information from your system?
A: If you have a credit card on file and you do not have any active bids associated with it, go to your "My Account" page, then the Credit Cards tab. Click the card you wish to remove and then the Remove button. If you have current bids associated with the credit card in question, please contact Client Services for assistance at or 866-621-0394 from 9am to 8pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

Q: What is the My Items page?
A: Your "My Items" page acts as your personalized bid tracker, shopping list and shopping cart, all in one. Items are automatically added to your My Items page when you place a bid, purchase an item (Buy Now), win an item in an auction, or use the "Add to My Items link" from within an auction. Your items are displayed for 90 days after the item closes. Removing Items You can remove items you are watching by clicking the "Remove" link. Note: removing an item from your My Items page does not remove bids you may have placed on that item.

Q: How do I turn off bid alert emails?
You can stop receiving bid alert emails at your "My Items" page. Each item includes a "Receive Emails" checkbox. Just uncheck the items for which you no longer want to receive alerts.

Types of Bidding

Q: What is a proxy bid?
A: BiddingForGood's bidding engine allows you to bid "by proxy," or at the lowest possible increment needed - up to your specified maximum bid - enabling you to become the leading bidder. For example, an auction item has a starting bid of $5, with a $1 increment. Bidder A bids $6, and Bidder B has specified a maximum bid of $10. Bidder B becomes the leading bidder - through proxy bidding - with a bid of $7.

Q: What is a maximum bid?
A: A maximum bid is the highest price a bidder agrees to bid on an item via a proxy bidding scenario. In the above example, if Bidder A were to increase his bid to $8 to outbid Bidder B's last bid of $7, BiddingForGood's bidding engine automatically enters Bidder B's next proxy bid of $9, making Bidder B the leading bidder. The proxy bidding system bids in the smallest increment needed for Bidder B become the leading bidder, without exceeding his maximum bid. Bidders can always choose to increase the amount of their maximum bid on an item.

Q: What is a straight bid?
A: A straight bid is placed when a bidder decides to bid a specified amount, outside the proxy bidding scenario. The objective of placing a straight bid could be to avoid the time-intensive process of a "bidding war," or simply to make a charitable (and oftentimes generous!) donation towards a good cause in return for a highly desired item. The organization running the auction may choose to whether or not to enable this feature, so straight bidding may not be possible for selected items.

Q: What is an absentee bid?
A: Absentee bidding may be used by organizations that run online auctions in combination with live events. It enables bidding to continue at the live event after the item's online close date. Online bidders may place "virtual, maximum bids" on these items. The absentee bidder may or may not be present at the live event. At the live auction, a "proxy" stand-in is designated to bid up to - but not exceed - the absentee bidder's maximum online bid. Absentee bidding allows online bidders the opportunity to bid on items and support great causes, even if they cannot attend the live fundraising auction.

Q: What is a Buy Now item?
A: A "Buy Now" item has a set price designated by the organization running the auction. You can purchase Buy Now, items on the spot and don't have to get into a bidding war or wait until the end of the auction to make sure you're the winner. Here's how it works:
- Check to see if the item displays a "Buy Now" option (not all organizations use this feature)
- To purchase the item outright, click the Buy Now button
- Enter the set price displayed for the item (note: you must enter or have credit card details on file)
- And it's yours! You'll get a confirmation message and email with your purchase details

Q: Why is my bid not showing?
A: There are a few reasons why you might not see your bid:
1. Be sure that you click the "Confirm Bid" button. Once your bid value is entered, you are asked to confirm your bid. Bids are not placed if they are not confirmed.
2. You may need to provide further input prior to confirming your bid. This may be the case if:
- The item has a reserve price that your bid did not meet or exceed. A reserve price is set by the organization and represents the minimum amount they will accept for the item. These items are noted with "Item has a reserve." In this case, you may enter a higher bid.
- Your bid did not meet or exceed the next required minimum bid. In this case, you may enter a higher bid.
- Your bid was exceptionally high. For exceptionally high bids, the bidder is asked twice to confirm the bid, to avoid potential errors.
3. Someone else may have outbid you before you clicked the Confirm Bid button. In this case, the next minimum bid has changed while you were bidding. You may enter a higher bid.

Searching for Items

Q: What is the best way to search or browse for items?
A: Simply browse through categories you're interested in to find items to bid on. While browsing, you can filter your results by location, type of restaurant or cuisine, or type of item such as spa, handbag or hotel stay. You can also use filters to find items that are new, online-only, buy now, or closing soon.

Click one of the category tabs such as tickets or dining to see what our auctions have to offer. You can further refine your results in a number of ways. For example, on the tickets category page, if you select the type of tickets "baseball" and then select your city as "Boston" any available Boston Red Sox tickets will appear in your results.

Categories include:

- Dining
- Tickets
- Designer Items - handbags, accessories, clothing
- Electronics
- Tickets
- Travel
- Unique Experiences and Items
- Antiques and Art
- Spa & Beauty
- Health & Fitness
- Books, CDs, DVDs & Video Games
- Golf and Sports Gear
- ...and much more!

In addition to using the browse features, you can enter specific search terms using the search box found at the top of every page.

If you still have questions, BiddingForGood's FAQ page has the answers. Check out this helpful link for more details.

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