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New Auction Chair Checklist New Auction Chair Checklist

Your Roadmap to a
Successful Fundraiser

Top Items Checklist Top 5 Auction Items Checklist

The Must-Have Items for Your Auction

Finding Volunteers Checklist Finding Volunteers Checklist

How to Assemble a Winning
Team For Your Next Event

Tips & Inspiration

Throw The Best Spring Fundraising Event Ever Throw The Best Spring Fundraising Event Ever

3 Ways to Relieve the Pressure

The Best Kept Secrets of the Auction Chair The Best Kept Secrets of the Auction Chair

Collected Wisdom From
Experienced Fundraisers

Nightmare on Auction Street Nightmare on Auction Street

The 7 Worst Things That
Could Happen to Your Auction

The Fundraising Landscape The Fundraising Landscape

Data on Donors and the
Causes They Support

5 Fantastic School Auctions 5 Fantastic School Auctions

Fantastic School Auctions and What Every Fundraiser Can Learn from Them

10 Auctions that Rocked 2012 10 Auctions that Rocked 2012

Inspiration for Your 2013
Fundraising Auctions

Let's Talk About Items Let's Talk About Items

There is an Art to Creating
a Good Catalog

Show Me the Money Show Me the Money

The Many Ways to Raise Money

The State of the Silent Auction The State of the Silent Auction

A Report Based on Surveys of
BiddingForGood Clients and Bidders

10 Things You Need to Know About Your Bidders 10 Things You Didn't Know About Your Bidders

The Not-So-Secret Ingredient
for Online Auction Fundraising

The Charitable Commerce Consumer The Charitable Commerce Consumer

A Report Based on the
BiddingForGood Audience

Mobile Bidding

Mobile Bidding FAQ Mobile Bidding Overview and FAQ

New mobile overview and FAQ

Auction Venue Checklist Auction Venue Checklist

How to Select a Perfect
Venue for Your Event

10 Tips that Can Make or Break Your Event Ten Tips

That Can Make or Break
Smart Auction Events