Get More Online Auction Items

Get more items – tied up with a bow!

We have lots of ways to help with items. Auction Manager Pro includes many features to help you request, track, manage, package, and even promote items.

Email everyone on your list.

Use our email template and your item donor and supporter lists to ask for items in a fast and efficient way. The email contains a link to an item form. Item donors fill out the detail of their item and it automatically populates a new item in your pending items for approval or editing. An image can be uploaded at the same time and donors are added to your donor database.

Creating packages creates catalog value.

One of the quickest ways to build value in your catalog is to take individual items and put them together into packages. Auction Manager lets you do that, and track every aspect of the package collectively and individually. See how much your package sold for, then thank each item donor individually if you want to. Packages can often be priced for more than the sum of the individual items and add up to more fun and more value for bidders.

The Item Acquisition Manager helps you manage item donors and volunteers and much more.

The Item Acquisition Manager provides you with helpful tools that keep your campaign to build your catalog on track. It helps your volunteers manage themselves and gives you instant access to the status of your campaign. Keep your item acquisition process running smoothly with Item Acquisition Manager.

  • 24/7 access for all team members.
  • No more messy spreadsheets with “version control” issues.
  • Assign donors to volunteers.
  • Schedule volunteer tasks and follow ups.
  • Track item status.
  • Move confirmed donations to Auction Manager with 1 click.
  • Streamlines management of large item solicitation efforts.
  • Access to our list of 1,000 national organizations to solicit for donations.
  • Comprehensive item acquisition guidebook with samples of letters, checklists, timelines, and training.

Free Instant Items to add to your auction

Instant Items are items that BiddingForGood merchant partners have provided to us to donate to your auction. They come from cause-minded marketers in the most desirable categories of auction offerings: dining, travel, entertainment, and retail.

These are not consignment items. They are donations that you will make money off of from the first dollar bid.* The average BiddingForGood client receives an average of $5000 worth of items to include in their auction. In most instances the Instant Items completely cover BiddingForGood fees and still increase the overall amount of money you make.

* BiddingForGood retains 33% of revenue earned from Instant Items to defray the cost of administering of the program.