In-Kind Donation Management

Does your organization get donation requests?

Many nonprofit organizations are not just raising funds, but receiving donation requests themselves. Theatre companies, museums, zoos, and aquariums, for instance, often get hundreds, or even thousands, of requests in a year.

Businesses like hotels, professional sports teams, and restaurants also get deluged with donation requests.

Now you can streamline the process of receiving, approving, or rejecting those requests with ApproveForGood.


ApproveForGood is the nation’s leading in-kind donation management system. Created by BiddingForGood in 2009, it handles donation requests for hundreds of organizations. Nonprofits include Centre Theatre Group in Los Angeles, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, and Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Garden. ApproveForGood is also helping businesses like Ritz Carlton, the San Antonio Spurs, Brooks Brothers, and Sephora use ApproveForGood to handle large volumes of donation requests.

It’s affordable, efficient, easy to set up and use and saves organizations an average of $3500 per year.

Organizations who use both Auction Manager Pro and ApproveForGood are eligible for annual subscription discounts.

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