Auction Ends: May 27, 2017 11:00 PM EDT

The PBS39 Auction Is Now Closed!

THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of our bidders!

The 2017 PBS39 Spring Auction is now closed. We want to sincerely thank all of our bidders for taking the time to point, click and bid in order to support the PBS39 Auction. Because of all your support, we had an INCREDIBLE return for our auction this year! We cannot thank you enough from ALL OF US here at PBS39 for making this such a great comeback! 

Congratulations to everyone who:

  • placed a winning bid
  • generously donated an item for auction
  • invited family, friends and community to make their bid to help us meet our goals to stay on the air!

We also want to sincerely thank all of our donors and businesses who were kind and generous enough to help our PBS Station. It is thanks to you and your generosity that made this auction a magnificent comeback! Thank you all so much for your cooperation in making this a great fundraising event! 

The support gained on the auction is a vital component of the fiscal year budget. Your time, attention and generosity plays a critical role in attaining the revenue needed to continue community outreach programs and is very deeply appreciated.



If you loved our auction, it's not completely over yet!

STARTING TUESDAY MAY 30th at 7:00pm EST, PBS39 will be holding our...

                    CLOSE OUT AUCTION!

Since we still have some remaining items left, we really want to give all the attention we can to our bidders and donors who have helped us out so much to this point! If there is a remaining item that didnt receive any bids, NOW IS THE TIME to place that bid and become the winner! EVERYDAY of the Close Out Auction is going to be a Deal of the Day! There will be tremendous discounts on all remaining items, a lot of them will be BUY IT NOWS! 

So is there still an item left that you want? Looking for a great deal? Check back TUESDAY May 30th and BID AWAY! You may just be the winner of a GREAT ITEM at an extreme discount! Now THAT is a great deal! 


How will you receive your items if you are the winning bidder? 

Items designated as shipping had $3 minimum shipping fees added to the final winning bid price on a per bidder basis; not per item. Therefore, bidders who had multiple $3 shipping fee item winnings will incur only (1) shipping fee in most cases unless otherwise indicated or communicated prior to charges being incurred. If an item's shipping fee is larger than $3, winning bidders will be notified to see if they are interested in picking up their item(s) instead. 

If an item is too large or valuable to ship then it will be designated as a pick-up and can be picked up at WLVT PBS39, 839 Sesame Street, Bethlehem, PA 18015. If you have any inquiries about winning items being shipped or picked-up, you may contact Suzanne Bambu-Shimoskie at 610-867-4677 x 333 OR

If you are the winning bidder of more than one item and those item's can be combined in order to reduce your shipping fees we will do our best to accommodate. However, items will only be available for pick up when a winning bidder has won at least one pick up item on the auction.

Pick up and shipping schedules are:

Items Shipped: 

We will start mailing out items on Friday 6/2/17.

Items for Pick-up:

Monday 6/12/17 through Friday 6/16/17 - 10-4pm

If you purchase an item on the CLOSE OUT AUCTION, you will need to wait to receive a message via email telling you that your items are ready for pickup.


And Again, A Sincere Thank You To All of Our Sponsors!

We would like to thank our sponsors....

Thank You to Our Sponsors!

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