Foundation for Eden Prairie Schools – FEPS Online Auction 2019
Auction Ends: Mar 13, 2019 10:00 PM CDT
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It's Auction time for the Foundation for Eden Prairie Schools!! 

Auction runs March 5 -13, 2019 


Thanks to our generous donors and supporters, the Foundation awarded grants which will benefit Eden Prairie Schools students! 


Mindful Movement ($900.00) This grant provides staff with tools to teach social emotional learning activities that improves self-control, focus, problem solving and self esteem. It will benefit 700 elementary students.

Generative Art in Geometry Class ($1100.00) This grant provides computer-aided pen plotters to help student learn math concepts an dhow to creatively code using the context of visual arts as their geometric designs come to life. It will initially benefit 70 high school geometry students.

Mind, Body and Heart ($825.00) This grant provides teachers with tools to increase the student use of practices in self-awareness and self-regulation which will lead to increased time on task and increased academic performance. It will benefit 150 elementary students.

Elementary STEM Through Robotics and Coding ($3194.00) This grant provides coding packs and robots to expand these activities through all K-6 grade levels. These activities have proven to enhance creative thinking, problem solving, engagement, perseverance and teamwork. It will benefit 700 students.

Sensory Path ($2153.00) This grant creates a sensory path and active learning space that promotes social-emotional engagement and fine motor development. It will benefit over 500 elementary students.

CNC Laser Cutter/Engraver ($4316.00) This grant provides a modern manufacturing tool used in engineering, manufacturing, design and other technical fields. It will be built into the existing 8th grade Technical Education program. It will benefit over 600 students.

“Just Be” in EACH Classroom ($4073.00) This grant provides a universally designed break station in classrooms that gives students a “Just Be” space equipped with tools and resources for mindfulness strategies to meet their social-emotional needs. It will benefit over 700 elementary students.

Gizmos for Learning ($3275.00) This grant provides an interactive math and science simulation that uses an inquiry based approach to learning which helps build understanding by helping students visualize conceptual material. It will benefit over 900 high school students.

Upstream Arts Residency ($2350.00) This grant provides professional artists to teach interactive art activities to special education students age 18-21 in the district’s TASSEL program. Students will practice essential social skills and communication as a result of their participation in these activities. It will benefit 62 students.

My Book Day ($4,000): This grant provides funding in support of a citywide celebration, which takes place in April at Eden Prairie High School. At this event, all first grade students receive their choice of a high-quality hardbound book, selected from a collection of six books they have been reading throughout the year. This event includes high school students promoting the importance of reading to the first graders. This grant is in partnership with the Eden Prairie Noon Rotary.

School Supplies ($2,000) This grant provides school supplies for the start of the school year, for all students who register as needing supplies through People Reaching Out to People (PROP). Last year, over 500 total K-12 students were served, and items can be purchased by PROP which are not commonly donated. It is important to their young clients, especially middle and high school students, to start the school year successfully. This grant is in partnership with PROP Food Shelf.

Ready! For Kindergarten ($4000.00) This grant provides training and high quality learning tools for families to develop school ready skills with their children. FEPS supports this research-backed program in partnership with the EP Schools’ Early Childhood program.




Items that cannot fit into a normal sized envelope will be listed in the special notes section as available for pick up.  These items may be collected at the Eden Prairie Schools' Adminstrative Services Center,  8100 School Road, Eden Prairie.  Items are available at the following dates and times:

  • Monday March 18th  6pm - 8pm 
  • Tuesday, March 19th - 4:30 - 6:30pm