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Thanks to all for your support of LaGuardia!  We are most appreciative!                            

Consider making a studio donation to Music, Art, Tech, Drama & Dance. Go to the "Fund-A-Wish" tab on the left (when you click "view all items") and you have the ability to donate $25,$50, $75, $100, $250 or $500 to help fund specific needs of each studio.  You can also make a straight donation to the General PA at the right "Donate Cash"  tab on this page.  All of your support is greatly appreciated by the students and families.

Unbelievable opportunities..

KISS concert tickets to Barclays Center, Tony Awards tickets, Hamilton tix, Wicked tix, King Kong tix, summer theatre camps, Yankees vs Astros tix, many restaurants, spas, local retail opportunities and so very much more!!! New items will be added daily so you must check back each day to see what’s new!

Join us as we celebrate our teens and help preserve this special New York City public high school's unique dual mission of exemplary arts education and a rigorous academic curriculum!

All proceeds from our Online Auction go directly to programs and materials for our students, including:
  • grants for our academic departments and artistic studios
  • funding for the college office
  • after-school enrichment
  • technology
  • sports equipment and more.