St. Andrews Church – St. Andrews Fall Fundraiser Auction, Framingham, MA
Auction Ends: Dec 5, 2020 10:00 PM EST

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  1. bl439c2bd$1,515
  2. ml5aa5cd0$375
  3. ecb15381f$267
  4. ks5f0e0df$210
  5. po294e8bd$210
  6. cw9a0dc96$196
  7. sl54e7a96$195
  8. ec9737b5d$191
  9. db58155d3$190
  10. dhallmarkmd$169


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We are now closing in on the end of the auction. Don't miss out on your favorite items and experiences. Many items make great holiday gifts and you get them without the fuss of going to the store or purchasing online and paying fees.  

Winning bidders will receive an e-mail notification after the auction closes at 10 pm on Saturday, Dec. 5th. The items will be available for pick up at St. Andrews (rear of parking lot near side door) on Sunday, Dec. 6  from 1-3 pm, so begin your planning now.

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Good Bidding! 

Pam and Barbara 

Looking for New Year's Eve fun? Buy now- Virtual sparkling wine tasting! Each winner gets enough for 3-4 to sample.

Questions-  Please contact Barbara Lovely-Lin, or Pamela O'Callaghan,