Auction Ends: Dec 1, 2021 11:59 PM HST

An online fundraiser to directly support STUDENTS

Hawaiinuiakea is hosting our very first online acution entitled "Ke Ea O Na Ia He Wai" auctioning off a number of creative and unique items to support our Hawaiinuiakea School of Hawaiian Knowledge students.

The name of our online auction comes from a speech done by David Kahalemaile in Manoa to commemorate La Hoihoi Ea in 1871 (August 12, 1871, Ka Nupepa Kuokoa), speaking of ea as something that is absolutely necessary for our survival. Ke ea o na ia he wai translates to "the ea of fish is water" and ea is a source of life.

We are at the mid-term of the fourth semester since Hawaii was seized by the COVID 19 pandemic. While it has not been easy for anyone, we are especially concerned with how our haumana (students) have fared. Statistically, college students living away from home with few safety nets as they pursue their education, are piling up personal debt and wondering how much longer they can continue to enroll. The great majority of our students have financial aid, and for most of our students, that aid is not enough. Most of our students work at least part time jobs and many work full time jobs to make ends meet.

The Hawaiinuiakea School of Hawaiian Knowledge Student Aid Fund has served as a financial safety net and a source of life for our students for over a decade. This pandemic, however, has contributed to the depletion of our fund. Proceeds from this auction will allow us to continue supporting our students in their time of need.

The Hawaiinuiakea Silent Auction is now open. The auction runs until December 1, 2021. Auction items range from a unique concert experience with renonwed Hawaiian artists to donated items guaranteed to delight and surprise. So, tell your friends, family, community. Let the bidding begin!

Make Your Bid TODAY to Support HAWAIINUIAKEA Students!

Now is your chance to not only get all the great items you want, but to do it knowing you are helping support our organization, mission, and students, the next generation.

The Hawaiinuiakea School of Hawaiian Knowledge Student Aid Fund provides financial support to students enrolled in any program at the Hawaiinuiakea School of Hawaiian Knowledge at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Over the last 10+ years the fund has supported students experiencing mental, financial, and emotional distress. It has helped a number of students remain in school and has helped them to graduate and go on to serve the community.