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Big Sunday connects people through helping. 

We are based on the idea that absolutely everyone has some way that they can help somebody else -- and that we get so much more done when we do it together.

We are happy that we often blur the line between helpers and those being helped. Big Sunday has a proud history of being able to attract people of all ages and backgrounds who often don't participate in helping and/ or giving opportunities. These people often discover they're capable of doing far more than they'd thought, and return to help again and again. We work with hundreds of nonprofits and schools, and constantly steer people to organizations that are appreciative for their help.

We have no religious or political agenda, and all of our events are free for all participants. Big Sunday is about people of coming together all in the name of kindness, goodwill, and looking out for one another. Even better, we do this while celebrating our differences, yet focusing on what we share. We can always find common ground.

Big Sunday is a large and growing community of people who agree with us that the best way to make our world a better place is to work together with mutual understanding, compassion, and respect.