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Auction Ends: Jun 27, 2008 04:00 PM EDT

FOOD & WINE's Grow for Good Online Auction is Closed

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Thank you for visiting FOOD & WINE's Grow for Good Online Auction!

A robust food and wine industry begins at the farm...that's why FOOD & WINE has launched Grow for Good, a national campaign to raise public awareness and support for charitable initiatives aimed at increasing consumer access to locally- and sustainably-grown foods.

For Grow for Good's second year, FOOD & WINE has selected Wholesome Wave Foundation as its 2008 beneficiary and will direct campaign efforts toward the three key initiatives: Wholesome Wave Farmer's Market Nutrition Program, Green Wave Farm-to-College Program and the Sustainable Mentorship initiative.

Thank you for bidding!  Check back for another exciting auction in 2009!

Proceeds from this auction benefited the Grow for Good Campaign:


• America loses 2 acres of farmland every minute to commercial and residential development and poor food production.

• Our food travels on average 2,000 miles from the farm to our plate, causing a toll on the environment.

• Industrial agricultural systems emphasize chemical solutions (pesticides, fertilizers, and hormones) to biological problems that compromise the quality, taste, freshness and nutritional value of our food.

• To survive and prosper, local farms must have access to a diverse local distribution model and to sustainable agriculture techniques and technologies.