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Auction Ends: Nov 23, 2014 11:59 PM EST

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  1. Rg13$2,400
  2. la91991e8$929
  3. cge56ed85$809
  4. ah6c8d904$500
  5. tgorty123$430
  6. yeldarb1$415
  7. BAYCB$333
  8. beamlaw1$299
  9. dlerner$270
  10. dk18b1be8$270

Thank you to everyone who participated in MBB's Second Online Auction! We were successful in raising over $15 000 to support our mission of building a more peace 'able' world... Thanks to You!

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We would like to Congratulate our Raffle Winners and take the time to thank our amazing and hard-working Auction Committee:

Congratulations to the following Raffle Winners:

  • Danielle Learner won the $200 Gift Certificate to United Airlines!
  • Megan Johnston was the winner of the Apple TV Prize!
  • Robert Flack won the $50 Amazon Gift Card!


A big THANK YOU goes out to our Amazing & Hard-Working Auction Committee Members:

Jean Kling (Board Member)
Alicia Kuin (Auction Chair)
Raechel Parolisi (Item Coordinator)
Valerina Walters (Website Coordinator)
Enda Young (Promotions)
Anastasia Pryanikova (Promotions)
Kelly Rico (Content Editor)
Scott Allen (Content Editor)

A Final THANK YOU goes out to our Generous DONORS! Your Item Contributions made MBB's Second Online Auction a Success!

Thank You!



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