PS 39 Parent Association – PS 39 Carnival 2017 Art Auction
Auction Ends: Jun 18, 2017 10:00 PM EDT
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Student Art Exhibition & Auction 2017

The children of PS39 in Brooklyn (1st to 5th grade) have created seven unique artworks as part of an exercise in collaborative creation, guided by their art teacher, Charles Koegel. 
The children drew their inspiration from their school, their community, their city and their environment to create a set of paintings which explore the world we live in. 
All seven canvasses are available for purchase by auction, and will be on show at Colson Patisserie (9th St & 5th Ave) on a rotating basis until June 18th when the sale closes. 
Funds raised by the sale will go towards the PS39 Parent Association, which supports the school’s teaching assistant program as well as a wide range of extra-curricular activities.
1st grade students created a three different landscapes. They were asked to sketch out something they knew about the rainforest, coral reef and outer space. Students painted a background and then painted ideas about these places on top.
2nd grade students explored the neighbourhood. The students were asked to sketch something they know about their community/neighborhood. They painted a street and sky background before layering details, such as people, buildings, cars, pets....
3rd grade students took interest in Butterflies. They sketched butterflies from observation and learned about printmaking before transferring them to Styrofoam plates and printing over canvas.

4th grade/5th grade students created a painting of PS 39 from observation. They gridded their canvas and photo of the school before mapping out a sketch of the building and finally painting. 

Some of the 5th grade students, also created a handprint painting on canvas. 

Thank you for supporting these young artists and their school with your generosity. May the best bid win!