Auction Ends: Mar 19, 2015 07:00 PM PDT
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Stay Tuned! SunRidge School is getting ready to run an online auction fundraiser and it opens March 5.

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Starting on March 5, 2015, our online auction will open and we will be auctioning off a number items for your bidding pleasure! This year, we are raising money for our Gardening and Nutrition program. The more items we have, the more money we can raise, so we are asking for your help.

You can show your support by clicking on the "Donate Items" button to contribute to our catalog or by clicking on the "Donate Cash" button to contribute to our Gardening and Nutrition Program Fund.

When you give a little, you will get a lot in return.

Whether you have one or more items to contribute, your participation is an invaluable part of our fundraising efforts. By donating an item or service directly online, you'll not only be seen as a supporter of kids and education, you will also be helping to raise money for our Gardening and Nutrition program, AND you'll receive a mention on our site that can link back to your own web page.

Why Support SunRidge School?

We are a public charter school in Sebastopol, California. While we are a public school, we are also a pledge-based school. This means that each family is asked to make monthly contributions to the school for each child enrolled.

Being a Waldorf-inspired school, our curriculum includes specialty programs such as handwork, games, art, music, and woodworking. Parent pledges and fundraising help pay for these programs. California is one of the lowest in the country for state funding per student. Simply put, we do not receive enough to pay for the type of curriculum we strive to provide. Pledging and fundraising pick up the difference and support these programs that are an integral part of our curriculum.

With our funds allocated to those expenses, we need to raise extra on top of that to pay for other school needs. This year we would like to expand our Gardening and Nutrition program which teaches cooking and nutrition, organic gardening, ecology and conservation using place-based education and eco-literacy to our over 260 students in grades K-8.