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We empower our children's inherent love of learning, inspiring and challenging each child to engage the world as an independent thinker, creative problem solver, and compassionate citizen. Founded in 1961, Alcuin Montessori is one of the oldest Montessori schools in the country. Our programs are designed to help each child become confident, curious, self-disciplined and motivated. The essence of the Montessori Method is to allow for the development of a child's individual potential while also encouraging participation in a community that emphasizes respect and cultural awareness. Classrooms are filled with materials that encourage creativity and emphasize sensory experiences. We offer Education for Life. Classrooms operate on the principle of freedom within limits. Children, under the guidance of a teacher, work at their own pace with materials of their choosing. Each student may work alone or with others. Different levels of ability are expected and welcomed within each classroom. Education occurs in multi-aged classrooms, where children of various stages of development learn from and with each other.

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