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Ben 10 & Bakugan Ultimate Gift Pack

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An array of the hottest products from the top-rated Cartoon Network shows "Ben 10" and "Bakugan".

Ben 10 Alien Force DNA Alien Heroes Brainstorm
The Ben 10 Alien Force DNA Alien Heroes are 6" articulated figures which each have a unique action function which comes from the alien's personality on the show. The DNA Heroes fight evil with their unique action, strength and power. Each hero is unique because of their ability to produce different fighting actions.

Ben 10 Alien Force Vilgax Attacks (PSP)
The Cartoon Network's Ben 10 series returns to PSP as the lead protagonist ventures into outer space for the first time to defend exotic worlds. The storyline follows arch-enemy Vilgax, who has created a formidable team of young Ben Tennyson's rivals in his bid to take over the universe. To succeed, you'll need to master each of Ben's ten alien forms to solve puzzles and to battle hordes of enemies. Gameplay features a mixture of platform-style exploration, fast-paced combat, and puzzles built around each of Ben's distinct forms. Use each alien's special powers to undermine Vilgax's diabolical plans while saving multiple planets in the process.

Ben 10 Alien Force (DVD, Vol. 1-5)
It's been 5 years since Ben last wore the Omnitrix. But when Grandpa Max goes missing, Ben must go hero once again. Now its up to Ben, Gwen and Kevin to find new half-alien allies and stop a secret Highbreed invasion.

Ben 10 Alien Swarm (DVD)
THE ALIEN SWARM IS UPON US! Our world is threatened with an imminent invasion from a swarming alien menace. And there is only one hero brave enough, smart enough and tough enough to fight back - Ben Tennyson! But when Ben teams up with an outsider, he breaks rank with Gwen, Kevin and Max and risks losing against the toughest enemy he has ever faced. The stakes are high and the action is intense as Ben fights to protect our planet from the Alien Swarm!

Ben 10 Ultimate Omnitrix
Ultimate Omnitrix is the latest version of the Ben 10 Omnitrix that has all the newest bells and whistles. It features lights and sounds which are made even more exciting when paired with mini translucent figures. Item comes with one mini translucent figure which attaches to the base, unlocking the Aliens special image and sound. Collect all 10 unique mini figures.

Lego Ben 10 Alien Force Humungousaur
It’s hero time! When he transforms into the dinosaur-like Humungousaur, Ben gains the ability to grow to immense size and overpower all challengers. No one can match this alien hero’s massive size and incredible strength! Features glow-in-the-dark eyes and Omnitrix chest symbol. Collect all 6 LEGO Ben 10 Alien Force sets and combine them to create your own super alien heroes!

Bakugan Battle Brawlers (DVD, Vol. 1-5)
Bakugan is the story of Dan and his friends as they battle their Bakugan monsters to save the parallel universe of Vestroia and ultimately the Earth from destruction. What these young warriors initially thought was just a game has become a race to restore peace throughout the universe! Includes episodes: The Battle Begins, The Masquerade Ball, A Feud Between Friends, Dan and Drago, Runo Rules!

Bakugan Alarm clock Radio
Waking up in the morning no longer has to be a battle. This oversized Bakugan Ball is an alarm clock, radio and night light. Wake up to the buzz or the sound your favorite radio station. For few extra minutes of sleep just hit the snooze button. Large LCD screen and battery backup.

Bakugan Series Bakugan Battle Brawlers Season 2 New Vestroia Starter Pack (2x)
New Bakugan, new cards, new BakuBronze Battle Brawlers. Let the battle begin! Join the Battle Brawlers in their most extreme adventure yet. Arm yourself with powerful, new Bakugan and cards to defeat the evil Vexos!

Bakugan Battle Brawlers B3 Bakucore Series Extension Plus Factory Sealed Booster Pack: Bakugan 7-in-1 Maxus Dragonoid
Ultimate Dragonoid appears in the animated hit cartoon show- Bakugan Battle Brawlers New Vestroia. He is one massive battle monster that fights for the powers of good, to free his fellow Bakugan from the evil Vexos and to save New Vestroia Product Description Here is the MAXUS DRAGONOID. 7 in 1 to combine into MAXUS DRAGONOID. All are Pryus red figures. This is a MUST HAVE for any Bakugan collector or gamer.

Bakugan Hideaway
Only Playhut structures provide children with hours of interactive fun! EZ Twist technology allows for instant setup and quick fold-down, making it portable and EZ to store!





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