Getaway Pad 540 sq. ft. 1 Bed and Roof Deck Tiny Home Steel Frame Building Kit ADU Cabin G

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Getaway Pad 540 sq. ft. 1 Bed and Roof Deck Tiny Home Steel Frame Building Kit ADU Cabin Guest house

PLUS 1 introduces the Getaway Pad steel frame home kit, architecturally designed to provide extra-space outside of your home for personal use. This framing kit is designed for easy assembly on your own concrete slab. This Getaway Pad home kit by PLUS 1 Homes includes ONLY the steel structure and the necessary components to assemble them. The Getaway Pad home kit has allowances in the steel frame structure design for all elements required, offering 620 sq. ft. of total open inside area allowing you to utilize the space the way you desire.

This model is designed to be constructed on a concrete slab with no deck option, the deck and flooring system is an upgrade option.
Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable: Ensuring your investment lasts for generations, the PLUS 1 Homes Steel Kit provides maximum strength and durability. Steel frame buildings are not affected by termites, mold, rodents, or bugs. They are also fire resistant. Steel is recyclable, making it the pioneer of environment-friendly projects. Durable & High-Quality Steel: All our steel frames are manufactured using pure G90 galvanized USA steel with a 50-year warranty. This allows steel to be corrosion resistant, it does not rot, buckle, divide, or splinter over time remaining true and straight
Cost and Time Efficient: With pre-assembled steel panels, from, walls, ceiling & the roof, including simple instructions, easy to construct, quick and efficient. Building Codes and Zone Requirements: PLUS 1 Homes kits are architecturally designed and approved by a professional engineer to comply with your location's building codes and zoning requirements for the steel stud frame kit . As an extra bonus, all our steel frame kits are engineered to withstand harsh climates, including cyclones and hurricanes.
Personalization: Our PLUS 1 home kits consist of only the steel frame structure (shell) and the necessary components to assemble them. You have complete freedom to design and finish your ADU in a completely unique way: to match your spatial needs, budget, and personal style.
Take-off List Provided: Due to variations in personal styles, the materials list we provide you with, a basic list of materials required to finish your home. You can then customize the cost of finishing your home based on the materials you select. You take your list to your local Home Depot store and their helpful customer service team can help you find the products you desire. We do offer a package to assist you with customizing your materials list (and cost) to the design elements (and installation) of your home, contact us for pricing.

Included in Your Purchase:

When you purchase a PLUS 1 Homes kit, it's inclusive of: the delivery at your location

Preliminary architectural plans Framing Calculations certified by a professional engineer

Stamped engineering plans for your frame kit (based on your location)

the pre-assembled numbered panels and the brackets/fittings (along with assembling instructions to help you construct your structure.)