AstrologyNow: 60-Minute Vedic Astrology Reading

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In a 60-minute comprehensive reading, Astrology Now's Christine Rodriguez will assess where the planets were positioned at the moment of your birth and how these planetary energies will influence you.

You will gain insight and understanding in the most prominent areas of life - health, career, dharma (purpose), family, finances, relationships, and past/present/future karma. In addition, you will see your karmic path in this life and how you may use your strengths to best support your evolution and growth. You will learn about the strongest planets in your chart, the weakest planets in your chart, and what remedial measures can be taken in order to help balance these energies. These may come through as meditations, gemstones, mantras, or rituals. In every session, Christine will discuss a ?yearly forecast? to see how planets are currently influencing you and what to expect for the upcoming year.

Summary of the session:

  • Comprehensive chart analysis evaluating the most prominent areas of life: health, career, dharma, family, finances, relationships, and past/present/future.
  • Better insight into your karmic path, lessons you?re intended to learn in this life, and how you may best utilize your strengths to support your karmic path
  • Deeper insight into your personality
  • Analysis of your greatest strengths as well as your challengesRemedial measures if necessary
  • Yearly forecast and what to expect in the upcoming months
  • PDF of your birth chart and possibly other reports discussed

Christine's AstrologyNow mission is to combine coaching with Vedic Astrology and other Vedantic studies to support others with living in alignment with their personal constitution, karma, astrological imprint, and how to use these to their advantage in fulfilling their life?s purposes. By connecting with ourselves through mindfulness, loving awareness, and Vedic Astrology - she believes that we can have a massive impact on how we navigate our life, heal, fulfill our destiny, and engage with karma.

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