UA Crew, Inc – Haxton Regatta 2012
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Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left
2012 Haxton Invitational t-shirt!!! Signed by designer Tobey Kegley! 118 Priceless CLOSED
2013 Memorial Tournament: 2 daily patron badges 112 Priceless CLOSED
23rd street subway station canvas bag 108 Ursus 8USDSOLD CLOSED
3 Month World Deluxe Membership CMP-102 90USD CLOSED
5 Night Stay in Resort Condominium in Bay Harbor, Michigan 117 Priceless CLOSED
8 admissions to Shadowbox Live 111 Shadowbox Live 240USD 102USDSOLD CLOSED
8 admissions to the Shadowbox Live LUNCHBOX show! 110 Shadowbox Live 80USD 27USDSOLD CLOSED
Adorable ceramic cat 127 15USD 5USDSOLD CLOSED
Autographed copy of That's Why I'm Here: The Chris and Stephanie Spielman Story 122 CLOSED
Beautiful gold throw pillow 125 4USDSOLD CLOSED
Black and gold Swarovski Crystal necklace 129 75USD CLOSED
Bravo Cucina Italiana Gift Card 135 Kim Jaeger 35USD CLOSED
Bravo Cucina Italiana Gift Card 136 Kim Jaeger 35USD 30USDSOLD CLOSED
Buckeye purse!!! 113 35USDSOLD CLOSED
Ceramic bowl 103 90USD CLOSED
Ceramic bowl 104 90USD 30USDSOLD CLOSED
Dewey's Pizza! 120 15USD 15USDSOLD CLOSED
Dewey's Pizza! 121 15USD 15USDSOLD CLOSED
Dog tote bag from BAOStudio NYC. 107 12USDSOLD CLOSED
Football signed by Chris Spielman 105 Priceless CLOSED
Gift Certificate 128 Bill Shimp 100USD CLOSED
Golden Bear Print signed by artist John A. Ruthven 106 UA Booster Club 200USD CLOSED
Gourmet basket 134 50USD CLOSED
Great Buckeye Purse 115 55USD 25USDSOLD CLOSED
Handcrafted Egyptian box 119 40USD 23USDSOLD CLOSED
House Wine Wine labels 137 Dori Jennings 42USD CLOSED
House Wine Wine labels 138 Dori Jennings 42USD CLOSED
Mosaic lamp 132 125USD CLOSED
OSU wallet 114 40USD CLOSED
Purple hip scarf 116 35USD 18USDSOLD CLOSED
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