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Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left
"A Delicate Balance" by Gloria Shaw 19 Gloria Shaw $3,000USD CLOSED
"Adobe Wall, Oaxaca" by Jeffrey Becom 4 Jeffrey Becom $2,250USD CLOSED
"A Great Pair" by Mary Hill 98 Mary Hill $450USD CLOSED
"Always look Up" by Mary Hill 97 Mary Hill $450USD CLOSED
"Andrew Goodman, Civil Rights Worker" by Ben Shahn 139 Arts Habitat $250USD CLOSED
"Another Ladder from Jacob" by Gail Lehman 118 Gail Lehman $2,800USD CLOSED
"Another Road Trip" by Patricia Huber 101 Patricia Huber $850USD CLOSED
"A Place in the Sun" by Sibyl Johnson 110 Sibyl Johnson $500USD CLOSED
"A Specific View" by David Ligare 39 David Ligare $400USD CLOSED
"At River's Edge" by Rowan L. Wolnick 67 Rowan L. Wolnick $500USD CLOSED
"Beep Beep" by James Rizzi 134 Tory & Jon Raggett $400USD CLOSED
"Big Sur Coast, Fog" by Michael Stansbury 143 Michael Stansbury $450USD CLOSED
"Birthday Sunset in a Storm" by Mark Brunges 84 Mark Brunges $350USD $200USDSOLD CLOSED
"Bison" by Charlie Abildgaard 73 Charlie Abildgaard $300USD CLOSED
"Black Lagoon" by Bill Keland 11 Bill Keland $3,500USD CLOSED
"Blow Up of the Artist" by H. David Wagner 64 H. David Wagner $3,750USD CLOSED
"Blue Forest" by Richard Tette 149 Richard Tette $3,000USD CLOSED
"Boat, Monterey Bay" by Michael Stansbury 55 Michael Stansbury $450USD CLOSED
"Boy in the Boat, Rio Dulce" by Jean Brenner 82 Jean Brenner $250USD CLOSED
"California Gold" by Elizabeth Murray 43 Elizabeth Murray $675USD CLOSED
"California Rhythms #2" by Barbara Kreitman 36 Barbara Kreitman $2,200USD CLOSED
"California Rhythms #3" by Barbara Kreitman 13 Barbara Kreitman $2,200USD CLOSED
"California Summer" by Barbara Johnson 108 Barbara Johnson $2,200USD CLOSED
"California Winter" by Lilli-Anne Price 48 Lilli-Anne Price $4,000USD CLOSED
"Calla Lily" by Juanita Turner 60 Juanita Turner $250USD CLOSED
"Calm Sea" by Sunee Jines 107 Sunee Jines $700USD CLOSED
"Calm Seas at Point Lobos" by Katherina D'Amore 89 Katherina D'Amore $425USD CLOSED
"Cannery Row" by Usana Weaver 152 Usana Weaver $400USD CLOSED
"Carmel River Beach" by Bill Keland 113 Bill Keland $3,500USD CLOSED
"Cliff Path Cypress" by Dennis Stanford 144 Dennis Stanford $1,500USD CLOSED
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