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Art: NATIVE AMERICAN - 27 ITEMS (1 - 27)

Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left
"Young Warrior" by Neil Jones 2423 Priceless CLOSED
"Young Poundmaker" by Neil Jones 2424 Priceless CLOSED
"The Old Robe" by Neil Jones 2425 Priceless CLOSED
"Spirit of The Lakota" by Neil Jones 2426 $1,000USD CLOSED
"Sitting Bull" by Neil Jones 2427 Priceless CLOSED
"Sitting Bull At Rock Creek" by Neil Jones 2428 Priceless CLOSED
"SHE DANCES WITH WOLVES": Limited Edition A3 Giclee Print, personally signed by artist! 2532 $150USD CLOSED
"Sacajawea" by Neil Jones 2429 Priceless CLOSED
"Repossessing The Big Mare" by Neil Jones 2430 $1,000USD CLOSED
"Prairie Wind" by Neil Jones 2431 $1,000USD CLOSED
"Many Horses" by Neil Jones 2432 $1,000USD CLOSED
"Lakota" by Neil Jones 2433 Priceless CLOSED
"Knowing" by Neil Jones 2434 $1,000USD CLOSED
"In Trance With Wolf" by WBK: A3 Giclee Print! 483 $200USD CLOSED
"Hunting Camp" by Neil Jones 2435 $1,000USD CLOSED
"GHOST DANCER": Limited Edition A3 Giclee Print, personally signed by the artist! 2436 CLOSED
"Facing The Fear" by Neil Jones 2437 $1,000USD CLOSED
"Courage: Chief Joseph" by WBK: *** 12x9" CANVAS! 2439 $1,000USD CLOSED
"CHIEF SQUANTO" by WBK: 12x9" Canvas! 2441 $1,000USD CLOSED
"Chief Paskwa" by Neil Jones 2442 $1,000USD CLOSED
"CHIEF": Limited Edition A3 Giclee print, personally signed by the artist! 2440 CLOSED
"Chief Joseph" by Neil Jones 2443 $1,000USD CLOSED
"Chief Cochise" by WBK: 9x12" Canvas! 2444 $1,000USD CLOSED
"Chief Black Hawk" by WBK: A3 Giclee Print! 324 $150USD CLOSED
"ALMIGHTY VOICE" by Neil Jones 2445 $1,000USD CLOSED
12x9" CANVAS: "Crazy Horse" by Neil Jones 2422 $1,000USD CLOSED