Lin Schorr Mosaics – 2017 Beyond Borders: mosaic auction
Auction Ends: Apr 23, 2017 10:00 PM EDT

Land/Seascapes - 9 ITEMS (1 - 9)

Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left
Moonlit Birches by Linda Biggers 192 Linda Biggers Priceless $420USDSOLD CLOSED
Way Up Here by Flair Robinson 148 Flair Robinson Priceless $360USDSOLD CLOSED
Sunset on Greenwood Lake by Robyn Abrams 229 Robyn Abrams Priceless $295USDSOLD CLOSED
Memories of Tuscany: Volterra by Mary Berk Gidzinski 206 Mary Berk Gidzinski Priceless $270USDSOLD CLOSED
Mini Sunset Wave by Julie Aldridge 176 Julie Aldridge Priceless $121USDSOLD CLOSED
Seaside Cottage by Nicky Tudor 215 Nicky Tudor Priceless $75USDSOLD CLOSED
Journey into the Sun by Andrea Neumayer 105 Andrea Neumayer Priceless $70USDSOLD CLOSED
Village by Sue Majewski 238 Sue Majewski Priceless $65USDSOLD CLOSED
Sail Away by Ilona M. Bryan 162 Ilona M. Bryan Priceless $60USDSOLD CLOSED