CARE2 Fund at USLI, Inc. – USLI Baskets for Breast Cancer 2017
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Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left
11-Round Golf Excursion in the Greater Philadelphia Area 200 Friends and family of Lisa Luciani 3754USD 3250USDSOLD CLOSED
A Disney Dream 209 and Appalachian Underwriters 900USD 860USDSOLD CLOSED
All About The Music 156 Aston Mathis Jacobson Campbell & Tiger 400USD 320USDSOLD CLOSED
All Things Charleston 145 Johnson & Johnson 675USD 435USDSOLD CLOSED
All Things Tennessee 162 Shuttleworth PLLC 350USD 170USDSOLD CLOSED
Amazon Rules the World 182 USLI Personal Lines and Instant Phone Quote Team Basket 675USD 877USDSOLD CLOSED
Amazon Smart Home 115 Vernis & Bowling 275USD 256USDSOLD CLOSED
An Idaho Gem 176 Perkins, Mitchell, Pope & McAllister LLP 350USD 140USDSOLD CLOSED
A Night in Downtown LA 193 Murchison & Cumming, LLP 900USD 720USDSOLD CLOSED
A Night of Luxury and Romance at Omni Resort 168 Carr Maloney P.C. 850USD 540USDSOLD CLOSED
A Night Out at Sight & Sound and The Mann! 210 Sight & Sound Theater, The Mann and Independence Blue Cross 620USD 345USDSOLD CLOSED
A Night Out with the Philadelphia 76ers! 227 Zarwin Baum DeVito Kaplan Schaer Toddy P.C. 425USD 351USDSOLD CLOSED
Antigua Beach Club Vacation 220 Elite Island Resorts 2100USD 700USDSOLD CLOSED
Antigua Club and Villa Vacation 223 Elite Island Resorts 3600USD CLOSED
Antigua Resort Vacation 214 Elite Island Resorts 2700USD 900USDSOLD CLOSED
A Photographer's Essentials 109 Devon Park Specialty 720USD 505USDSOLD CLOSED
Apple Watch 125 Turner Padget 500USD 425USDSOLD CLOSED
A Taste of Maryland, Plus the Ravens 167 Eccleston and Wolf 650USD 300USDSOLD CLOSED
At Home Spa Day 153 Unum 250USD 138USDSOLD CLOSED
A Timeless Treasure: Children's Portrait 204 600USD 200USDSOLD CLOSED
Atlanta Adventures 164 Goodman McGuffey LLP 900USD 640USDSOLD CLOSED
A Week in Scotland 202 2500USD 2250USDSOLD CLOSED
Back to School Technology 173 USLI Professional Lines/Non-Profit Package 1250USD 1625USDSOLD CLOSED
Barbados Resort Vacation 215 Elite Island Resorts 2400USD 1500USDSOLD CLOSED
Blazer Game Night Out 195 Bullard Law 600USD 400USDSOLD CLOSED
Book Lovers Paradise 129 Owens Group 370USD 320USDSOLD CLOSED
Boquete, Panama Vacation 216 Elite Island Resorts 3000USD 2225USDSOLD CLOSED
Bose TV Sound System 191 Hedrick Gardner Kincheloe & Garofalo LLP 380USD 287USDSOLD CLOSED
Boston Bruins Game & Dinner in Boston's Historic North End 190 Mitchell & DeSimone 840USD 825USDSOLD CLOSED
Breathtaking Tennessee Cabin Vacation 194 Security Underwriting Managers 1749USD 775USDSOLD CLOSED
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