Friends of Lanai Booster – PROM Through The Decades Post Auction
Auction Ends: Apr 9, 2018 05:30 PM PDT

Party Book - 15 ITEMS (1 - 15)

Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left
Summer Solstice Party! June 16th 108 Charbel Lahoud & Hanh Le $75USD CLOSED
Margaritas, Mariachis and and Mayhem! May 5th 102 Carrie Murray $75USD CLOSED
Moms Paint and Pours Party! April 25th 112 Michelle Douek $50USD CLOSED
Kinder Girls Manis and Pedis! April 13th 106 Amy Gallagher $50USD CLOSED
BADMOMS Games Night! May 10th 113 Jillian Green $50USD CLOSED
Kinder and 1st Grade Play Party! May 15th 116 Ali Perdigao $40USD CLOSED
5th Grade Boys Pool Party! June 3rd 100 Tamar Stein $40USD CLOSED
4th Grade Girls Cupcake Wars! April 29th 105 The Neymark Family $40USD CLOSED
4th Grade Boys Neon Arcade Party! April 29th 115 Blythe Asher $40USD CLOSED
3rd Grade Boys/Girls Cupcake Wars! April 29th 109 Michelle Douek $40USD CLOSED
2nd Grade Girls Cupcake Wars! April 22nd 110 Michelle Douek $40USD SOLD CLOSED
2nd Grade Boys Game Truck Party! May 11th 111 Joanne Bressler $40USD CLOSED
1st Grade Kids Art Party! April 7th 103 Nicole Darway $40USD SOLD CLOSED
Sports Party with Ms. Hannah and Mr. Isiah! May 18th 107 Isiah Smith $30USD CLOSED
Bubbly and Bites Night! April 21st 101 Anosh Taheri-Tafreshi $75USD CLOSED