Small Paws Rescue Inc. – Small Paws Rescue Holiday Auction 2018
Auction Ends: Dec 2, 2018 08:00 PM EST

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Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left
2006 Danbury Mint Bichon Christmas Ornament 398 Dale Pressnall $40USDSOLD CLOSED
2006 Danbury Mint Sleigh Ornament 561 Kathie Sciullo $45USDSOLD CLOSED
2007 Danbury Mint Hot Air Balloon Ornament 560 Kathie Sciullo $95USDSOLD CLOSED
2008 Danbury Mint Drummer Ornament 558 Kathie Sciullo $35USDSOLD CLOSED
2009 Danbury Mint Stocking Ornament 556 Kathie Sciullo $101USDSOLD CLOSED
2010 Danbury Mint Wagon Ornament 559 Kathie Sciullo $90USDSOLD CLOSED
2011 Danbury Mint Roadster Ornament 557 Kathie Sciullo $295USDSOLD CLOSED
2019 Bichon Wall Calendar 268 Maria Zolla $60USDSOLD CLOSED
30 Handcrafted All Occasion Cards 162 Andra Heitzman $17USDSOLD CLOSED
5 Color Enameled Bichon Bracelet - 7 inch 612 Kathryn Smith $26USDSOLD CLOSED
A Bundle of Bichons - book 144 Jane Robinson $15USDSOLD CLOSED
A Christmas Story playing cards 453 Regina McCoy $11USDSOLD CLOSED
A Dog's Life - A Record Keeper and Photo Album 124 Jody Ferraro $14USDSOLD CLOSED
Adorable Quilt 275 ardys adams $110USDSOLD CLOSED
AKC Duffle Pet Carrier - New! 171 Jody Ferraro $25USDSOLD CLOSED
Alpaca Throw 307 Sharon King $36USDSOLD CLOSED
Americana Angel 210 Susan Merryman $15USDSOLD CLOSED
Americana Birdhouses 251 Susan Merryman $10USDSOLD CLOSED
Americana Garland 249 Susan Merryman $4USDSOLD CLOSED
Americana Ornaments 250 Susan Merryman $14USDSOLD CLOSED
Americana Stuffed Dolls 205 Susan Merryman $4USDSOLD CLOSED
Americana Wooden Stars and Sailboat Picture 209 Susan Merryman $4USDSOLD CLOSED
American Kennel Club Dog Care and Training 258 Jody Ferraro $2USDSOLD CLOSED
ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Blush Trio in Pool Party 552 Karma Johnson $25USDSOLD CLOSED
Angel by E. Simonetti collectible figure. 605 Gisela Towner $17USDSOLD CLOSED
Angel Costume 409 Sharon King $7USDSOLD CLOSED
Animal Liberation by Peter Singer 177 Jody Ferraro $2USDSOLD CLOSED
Apron 131 Pam Byron $25USDSOLD CLOSED
Ardleigh Elliott Tote Bag from Bradford Exchange 306 Sharon King $39USDSOLD CLOSED
A Very Special Bichon Calendar 2019 586 Gisela Towner $40USDSOLD CLOSED
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