Center Grove Fine Arts Academy – Masquerade Under The Stars (Gala 2019)
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Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left
10 Visit Punch Card - Train Yard 317 112 $150USD $70USDSOLD CLOSED
2 Boing Fishing Lures 149 $50USD $32USDSOLD CLOSED
2 Free Admissions to Red Curb Comedy Club 101 $30USD $35USDSOLD CLOSED
2 Hour Financial Planning Session 191 Nicholas Licouris $500USD CLOSED
60 Minute Float Session 187 $60USD $50USDSOLD CLOSED
90 Minute Photography Session 185 $400USD $205USDSOLD CLOSED
Andrew Luck Indianapolis Colts Autographed Jersey CMP-102 $950USD CLOSED
CGFAA Memorabilia Bag 195 $75USD $50USDSOLD CLOSED
Chicago's Distinct Style & Downtown Sophistication, Chicago CMP-104 $1,800USD CLOSED
Chimney Sweep & Inspection 172 $179USD $60USDSOLD CLOSED
Chimney Sweep & Inspection 173 $179USD $60USDSOLD CLOSED
Christmas Tree Shops Garden Basket 190 $50USD $55USDSOLD CLOSED
Cincinnati Baseball Weekend 130 Kristofor Copes, Cincinnati Reds $152USD $150USDSOLD CLOSED
Classic Car Photo by Jill Levenhagen 180 $100USD $33USDSOLD CLOSED
Coffee Basket w/Keurig 169 $175USD $260USDSOLD CLOSED
Comfy Clean Collection 143 $60USD $52USDSOLD CLOSED
Date Night Basket 162 $160USD $204USDSOLD CLOSED
Diamond Dreamcatcher Necklace 148 $255USD $110USDSOLD CLOSED
Evan Tood Spa - 60 min Facial Gift Certificate 128 $125USD $62USDSOLD CLOSED
Family Game Night Basket 158 $230USD $205USDSOLD CLOSED
Fred Astaire Gift Certificate 168 $100USD $120USDSOLD CLOSED
Ft Wayne Flair Package 156 $49USD $25USDSOLD CLOSED
Global Soaps Lavender Gift Bag 176 $30USD $40USDSOLD CLOSED
Goat Milk Items Gift Box 177 $20USD $60USDSOLD CLOSED
Gourmet Popcorn Basket (with Glazes) 152 $60USD $50USDSOLD CLOSED
Gourmet Popcorn Basket (with Glazes) 153 $60USD $50USDSOLD CLOSED
Great Times Fun Pack 192 $150USD $47USDSOLD CLOSED
Hand-Painted Baby Doll 144 $225USD $75USDSOLD CLOSED
Henna Certificate: 1 Full Adult Sized Hand Front 183 $50USD $17USDSOLD CLOSED
Henna Certificate: Arm Band Style Tattoo 182 $15USD $12USDSOLD CLOSED
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