The Washington Market School – 2019 WMS Spring Gala
Auction Ends: May 17, 2019 08:00 AM EDT

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Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left
$1000 Gift Card to Bergdorf Goodman 121 Lucien Whittenberger $1,000USD $900USDSOLD CLOSED
$150 Gift Certificate at Ed's Lobster Bar, NYC or Sag Harbor Location 150 Ed McFarland/Ed's Lobster Bar $150USD $160USDSOLD CLOSED
18K Rose Gold & Diamond Perfume Amulette by Designer Diane Kordas 133 Stone and Strand $3,615USD CLOSED
1 Hour Coaching Session with Life Coach Crystal Wei 118 Crystal Wei $200USD CLOSED
$200 Gift Certificate to A Summer Day Cafe 129 A Summer Day Cafe $200USD $130USDSOLD CLOSED
$250 Scanlan Theodore Gift Card and Executive Styling Appointment 135 Scanlon Theodore $250USD $200USDSOLD CLOSED
3 At-Home Spanish Lessons for 1 Child 139 Laura Giolitti Equi $225USD $135USDSOLD CLOSED
3 Hour Closet Work Session with Life Coach & Personal Stylist Crystal Wei 119 Crystal Wei $300USD $150USDSOLD CLOSED
3 Hour Personal Shopping Trip with Life Coach & Personal Stylist Crystal Wei 120 Crystal Wei $400USD CLOSED
3 Month Select Equinox Membership 130 Equinox $795USD $400USDSOLD CLOSED
3 Tops by Clothing Designer Shui Chen 154 Howard Friedman $1,144USD CLOSED
4 Ringside Tickets to Big Apple Circus and Performer Meet & Greet 117 Big Apple Circus $260USD $300USDSOLD CLOSED
$500 Gift Card to FOURTEENJAY Salon and $250 Aveda Product Gift Bag 149 $750USD $390USDSOLD CLOSED
Classroom 1 Teacher Playdate 101 Priceless $320USDSOLD CLOSED
Classroom 2 Teacher Playdate 102 Priceless CLOSED
Classroom 3 Teacher Playdate 103 Priceless $650USDSOLD CLOSED
Classroom 4 Teacher Playdate 104 Priceless $205USDSOLD CLOSED
Classroom 5 Teacher Playdate 105 $175USD $145USDSOLD CLOSED
Classroom 6 Teacher Playdate 106 Priceless $130USDSOLD CLOSED
Classroom A Teacher Playdate 107 Priceless $185USDSOLD CLOSED
Classroom B Teacher Playdate 108 Priceless $235USDSOLD CLOSED
Classroom C Teacher Playdate 109 Priceless $420USDSOLD CLOSED
Classroom D Teacher Playdate 110 Priceless $160USDSOLD CLOSED
Classroom E Teacher Playdate 111 Priceless $50USDSOLD CLOSED
Classroom F Teacher Playdate 112 Priceless $50USDSOLD CLOSED
Classroom GH Teacher Playdate 113 Priceless $420USDSOLD CLOSED
Custom Letterpress Stationary designed by Fourteen-Forty 148 Tricia Kim $1,750USD CLOSED
Family Package to Hudson River Park Friends Backyard BBQ 145 Hudson River Park Friends $1,250USD $417USDSOLD CLOSED
Fine Art Hamptons Location Portraiture by Leshem Loft 142 Leshem Loft LLC/Jenny and Yaron Leshem $3,800USD CLOSED
Fine Art Studio Portraiture by Leshem Loft 143 Leshem Loft LLC/Jenny and Yaron Leshem $3,800USD $1,267USDSOLD CLOSED
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