Constituting America – 2022 Christmas Auction
Auction Ends: Nov 17, 2022 10:00 PM EST

Christmas Ornaments - 27 ITEMS (1 - 27)

Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left
Air Force Cap Ornament- Old World Christmas 129 $20USD $20USDSOLD CLOSED
Air Force Pennant Ornament- Old World Christmas 131 $20USD $15USDSOLD CLOSED
Army Cap Ornament- Old World Christmas 130 $22USD $20USDSOLD CLOSED
A Treasure Trove Of Texas And White House Ornaments, Jumpstart Your Collection 229 $450USD $150USDSOLD CLOSED
Department 56 Dickens Village Set! 147 $3,500USD $1,750USDSOLD CLOSED
Founding Fathers Ornament Set 268 $75USD $95USDSOLD CLOSED
Gettysburg Christmas Ornament 179 Lisa Boyce $10USD $15USDSOLD CLOSED
Navy Cap Ornament- Old World Christmas 128 $20USD $30USDSOLD CLOSED
Official 2012 White House Ornament 254 $20USD $15USDSOLD CLOSED
Official 2013 White House Ornament 253 $20USD $10USDSOLD CLOSED
Official 2014 White House Ornament 256 $20USD $15USDSOLD CLOSED
Official 2015 White House Ornament 257 $20USD $10USDSOLD CLOSED
Official 2016 White House Ornament 259 $23USD $22USDSOLD CLOSED
Official 2017 White House Ornament 258 $23USD $30USDSOLD CLOSED
Official 2018 White House Ornament 255 $23USD $35USDSOLD CLOSED
Official 2019 White House Ornament 252 $23USD $35USDSOLD CLOSED
Official 2020 White House Ornament 251 $25USD $25USDSOLD CLOSED
Official 2021 White House Ornament 250 $25USD $20USDSOLD CLOSED
Official 2022 White House Ornament 260 $25USD $20USDSOLD CLOSED
Old World Bald Eagle Christmas Ornament 184 $22USD $45USDSOLD CLOSED
Old World Christmas Marine Bear Glass Blown Ornaments for Christmas Tree 191 $20USD $20USDSOLD CLOSED
Old World Christmas Navy Glass Blown Ornaments for Christmas Tree Bear! 108 $15USD $30USDSOLD CLOSED
Old World Christmas Star Spangle Banner Christmas Ornament 183 $20USD $30USDSOLD CLOSED
Old World God Bless America Christmas Ornament 127 $20USD $55USDSOLD CLOSED
Old World Police Badge Ornament 226 $22USD $25USDSOLD CLOSED
Patriotic Cowboy Boot Christmas Ornament 219 $20USD $12USDSOLD CLOSED
Santa S'mores Ornaments 185 $60USD CLOSED