Netroots Nation – Holiday Bazaar 2012
Auction Ends: Dec 4, 2012 10:00 PM EST

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Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left
10 Porcelain Ceramic Ornaments 172 Barbara Haddad 80USD 56USDSOLD CLOSED
30 Second Web Video 174 Five Steps Forward 2000USD 500USDSOLD CLOSED
4 Jars of 'One Screw Loose Jelly & Jelly Rubs' 197 Kathy Senft 24USD 24USDSOLD CLOSED
4 Jars of 'One Screw Loose Jelly & Jelly Rubs' 196 Kathy Senft 24USD 24USDSOLD CLOSED
A Bakers Dozen Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies 184 Mary Nicely 15USD 23USDSOLD CLOSED
A Bakers Dozen Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies 1001 Mary Nicely 15USD 25USDSOLD CLOSED
Abraham Lincoln Bandages 162 Linda Lee 5USD 7USDSOLD CLOSED
Aldus Shrugged by Floyd Blue 119 Stuart Kall 13USD 10USDSOLD CLOSED
Amigurumi Dog! 111 No One Owns Me 30USD 10USDSOLD CLOSED
Appear As A Guest On 'The Matthew Filipowicz Show' 101 Matthew Filipowicz 200USD 50USDSOLD CLOSED
'Arches at Union Station' 142 Cherie Clark 25USD 14USDSOLD CLOSED
Authentic MSNBC Keith Olbermann TALKING Bobblehead 168 Bill in Portland Maine 20USD 27USDSOLD CLOSED
Autumn Leaf Notecards 123 Marc Montefusco 15USD 17USDSOLD CLOSED
BACON TOFFEE! Made with a lb. of bacon & lb. of butter! 112 Teddy Dulchinos 30USD 62USDSOLD CLOSED
Batch of Hand-made, Premium Chocolate Truffles 199 Darcy Burner 72USD 70USDSOLD CLOSED
Bath Item Gift Tin 133 Kathleen Hall 50USD 45USDSOLD CLOSED
Beaded Earrings & Necklace Set 108 ASO Arts 25USD 20USDSOLD CLOSED
Bird Feeder 120 Steve Bakeeff 50USD 30USDSOLD CLOSED
"Butterfly Dream" - A Novel 190 David Lara 10USD 4USDSOLD CLOSED
Caribelle Batik Fish 1003 Anonymous 70USD 35USDSOLD CLOSED
'Carol's Garden' 155 catherine riley 50USD 17USDSOLD CLOSED
'Change' 131 Cherie Clark 159USD 58USDSOLD CLOSED
Coptic Pendant 140 Marsha Beitchman 48USD 58USDSOLD CLOSED
Crazy Scarf! 160 Rebecca Lyle 50USD 22USDSOLD CLOSED
Custom Piece of Music 135 Bobby Van Deusen 100USD 19USDSOLD CLOSED
Dawgoritos! 106 P.C.'s Pantry 25USD 13USDSOLD CLOSED
'Delicate Arch Sunset' - Original 16"x20" Photo 175 desertguy 100USD 55USDSOLD CLOSED
Delizioso Italian Soup Mix 122 Lorraine Foley 10USD 21USDSOLD CLOSED
'Desert Light Show' - Photograph on Metal 164 desertguy 125USD 61USDSOLD CLOSED
'Double Strike' - Original B&W Photograph 148 desertguy 45USD 25USDSOLD CLOSED
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