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[GITC] Ship a guitar to a young person in Iraq

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With this gift, you can bring peace & understanding through music to young people in Iraq who have had no access to learning to make music since 1968. Be a part of this of this groundbreaking project.

The guitars have already graciously been committed for donation by Godin Guitars, but shipping the instruments from their home in Canada to Sulaymaniyah, Iraq is a long journey and we need your help. Only one carrier delivers to this part of the world, and we appreciate your participation in building friendships through music.

Each $15 bid will help a quality instrument make the 6,000+ mile journey to Sulaymaniyah, Iraq. 


Item Special Note

Proceeds raised from this item will go towards Guitars in the Classroom's mission of transforming pre-k through high school classrooms by training teachers to integrate musical learning in lessons in order to increase student engagement, employ oral language practice, and promote student achievement across the academic curriculum.  In our free workshops, teachers learn to sing with confidence, play guitar, lead songs, and to select, teach, and facilitate the student writing of educational songs. This daily integration of music with academic learning provides positive, inspiring musical access for all students as part of the regular school day.