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Fund-a-Need - $250 Donation for a Geiger Counter for Physics Experiments

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$250 USD
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That clicking sound we'll all hear in Wing 2 next year will come from the RADEX RD1212 Advanced Radiation Detector/Geiger Counter y-o-u graciously funded (thanks in advance!).


  • Gamma, Beta and X-rays radiation detector (SBM20-1 Geiger-Muller)
  • 10 Sec. measurement cycle; The Fastest Geiger counter out there
  • USB to PC connection and Data Recording/Charting/Global Mapping and Sharing software (download)
  • Very sensitive Geiger Counter; Detection range: 0.05~999.0 uSv/hr
  • Easy to operate and very accurate (so we'll all know exactly when to head for the hills)
  • Newest Geiger Counter from Radex

Special Instructions

Click here to learn more about this very useful piece of equipment or to read layfolks' questions such as this thought-provoking one:

"Would this device work if we were suddenly nuked, to see if it's safe to go outside? And to check food/water?" 

(Sorry, darlin'. That's the deluxe model.)