Utah Shakespeare Festival – 2015 Season Auction
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Fund a Foot of Festival Wig Lace

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Front lace is fine lace material used to create natural-looking wig hairlines and facial hair. Your cash gift can help create what you see and experience at the Festival.

Did you know...

  • “Fronting a wig” is the process by which a purchased wig is made to look more natural using front lace. The technician cuts the front off of the purchased wig, attaches front lace, and then hand-ties more natural-looking hair into the front lace one piece at a time. To apply this process to an entire wig is called "ventilating." Fronting and ventilating a wig creates the illusion that the hair is growing out of the actor's scalp.
  • It takes about nine hours of labor to front a wig and about thirty-six hours of labor to ventilate a full wig.
  • It takes about nine hours of labor to create a full beard, five hours for a goatee set or sideburns, and two hours for a moustache. 
  • Most of the hairpieces used at the Festival are made of real human hair or yak hair. 
  • The Festival has over 350 wigs in its stock.
  • The wig worn by actress Melinda Parrett in the Festival's 2011 production of Noises Off! was built entirely from scratch and took over fifty hours of labor to create. It had six different colors of hair, and a darker root color was added to make it look more natural.

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