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Security & Protection

Noke Bluetooth Smart Padlock

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Open Your Padlock Straight From Your Phone So You Won't Lose a Key or Code Again

Keyed and coded padlocks are old-fashioned, inefficient, and so easy to lose or forget. The Noke Bluetooth Smart Padlock is the easiest, most secure way to lock your valuables. It automatically finds and connects to your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone so you can get what you need and be on your way quickly and confidently. 

8/10, Wired 

  • Manage multiple locks easily by just naming them on your phone
  • Share & revoke access to your locked items w/ ease
  • Monitor where, when, & by whom your locks were accessed w/ the history tab
  • Track items in transit by viewing the location history
  • Use in even the harshest environments thanks to enhanced weather resistance
  • Jump start w/ an external battery in the unlikely event that the Noke's battery dies, so you're never stranded
  • Open your Noke w/o your phone w/ the quick-click feature

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