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Subarashii Kudamono Asian Pear & Iberica Ham Gourmet Package

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Subarashii Kudamono pear is hand-picked, hand-sorted and packed individually in protective sleeves to ensure the delicate, juicy fruit arrives just as it left the tree—perfect.  This 9 pound box contains a collection of approximately 18 pears that will satisfy the ultimate gourmet.

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Aged Asian Pear Wine Vinegar 375ml bottle

Aged 5 years, from one of our earliest barrels of Asian Pear Wine, this exceptional vinegar is delicately aromatic, rich in flavor and is uncut. 
Enjoy it on an array of your own culinary preparation, or with salad, or drizzled over fresh mozzarella.


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Asian Pear (Cheese) Spread
8 oz jar

Delicious spread made from our fresh Asian Pears.  Ideal pairing with your favorite artisan or fine cheeses.

Delicious rub for your ham, roast pork, turkey or other fowl. And a cleverly healthy substitute for oil or butter in your baked goods.

Looking for something new to serve during a party or gathering? Dab your cracker and piece of cheese with this spread and enjoy!  Our favorite cheeses to pair with this spread are: Smoked Cheddar,  Havarti,  Colby, Baby Swiss, Asiago, Raw Milk, or  Soft Goat Cheese.


Item Special Note

Iberica Ham 

At A Glance:

  • The finest Spanish dry-cured ham
  • Pigs are free ranging, never confined to cages or pens
  • Pigs graze on grasses, herbs and acorns
  • Curing and aging is an 18-month cycle, but can go for more than 24 months, depending on the weight of the ham
  • Produced from USDA-approved slaughterhouses

Its Story Is As Amazing As Its Flavor

Experts commonly declare Ibérico ham the best in the world and consider it one of the jewels of world cuisine, alongside caviar, foie gras and vintage wines. It is a delicacy, expensive to produce and a truly artisanal product. The Ibérico pig is no ordinary animal. Descended from early Mediterranean wild boars, these pigs are easily recognized by their dark, almost black, skins and downwardly pointing ears. They can grow to about 396 pounds in 12 months, at which point they are ripe for slaughter. Ibérico pigs are the last type of pigs in Europe to enjoy pannage, or pasturage—meaning they are never confined to cages or pens. They eat a natural diet of spring-fed grasses, cereals, acorns, bulbs and roots. The physical exercise that comes from free-range grazing gives their meat greater density and a finer texture.

Five 2.5oz Packages shipped refrigerated