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Portable Vinyl Dance Floor: St. Andrew's School Wish List!

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Do you love the arts and dance? You can support and expand St. Andrew's dance program by investing in a portable vinyl dance floor! St. Andrew's would love to have a Harlequin Reversible Pro floor, which is appropriate for all forms of dance, from Ballet and Modern to Tap and Percussive.

Portable vinyl dance floors, commonly called a Marley floor, provide dancers with a safer non slip surface on which to perform. They also provide a small amount of padding to help protect dancers feet when dancing on Toe or upon landing from a leap. This Portable Vinyl Dance floor will help to smooth out irregularities in the floor, giving the dancers a smoother flatter surface to dance on.

As the St. Andrew’s Dance Program grows we would like to keep up with proper industry standards. A Marley dance floor would provide a surface dancers could perform on especially with their pointe work. St. Andrew’s Dancers also study Modern which is performed barefoot. A Marley-Floor would be ideal so dancers do not have to worry about imperfections in the floor and a possible splinter or cut. A professional dance floor will also allow us to offer more stage opportunities for dancers. Performance opportunities have grown over the past years, however our stage floor is not a proper flooring for these dance performances and do limit some of what we are allowed to do. A Marley dance floor would be the next addition to help us grow and expand the St. Andrew’s dance program!