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Action Coaching: 5 sessions by Master Coach Mooniek Seebregts in Sacramento

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Healing is fundamentally a mystical experience. It is not an experience that can be fully and completely ignited by the force of the mind as your mind is an instrument devoted to “reason.”

The winning bidder will receive five (5) one hour coaching sessions for one person:

  • Certified Divorce Coaching
  • Master Shadow Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Marriage Coaching
  • Dating Coaching

Would you like to be better or to have more....more success, more love, more adventure, a deeper meaning for your life, more money...?

Would you like to know your hidden side, your shadow side, so you can use all your traits and talents at appropriate times? (What would that mean for your family, your business or career, your parenting, your partnership...?)

Would you like to update your relationships?

  1. Overcome pain; a divorce or a separation?
  2. Make your marriage or partnership (even) more exciting?
  3. Ready to start dating the best way possible?
  4. Have a lovely relationship with yourself? Be who you truly are? Wonderful, great, loving, amazing, passionate and much more...?

Are you ready to have some action in your life? Change a few old thoughts and useless habits?

With Master Integrative Life Coach training, you can have the tools to find your own unique answers to your own unique questions about your life or work. These tools will be with you for the rest of your life. (Good investment!)

Only you know what you are yearning for and what would make your life full and abundant. When you are able to turn inward, find your answers and act on the answers you receive, the results are life changing!

You may already know that a Master Integrative Life Coach can do what an athletic coach or a music teacher does: make sure you live up to your potential!

  1. Coaching can help you create a vision for your life or work. Together we come up with action steps that will make your vision real.
  2. Support you when challenges arise.
  3. Hold you accountable to what you want to accomplish.
  4. The result is lasting inner and outer changes that will get you the life you desire.

In addition, while on your journey with Seebregts as your coach, you will be able to identify and overcome obstacles you have created and see which excuses and beliefs no longer serve you.

The question is: are you ready to un-clutter your life and to be more than everyone thought you could be?

The Integrative Coaching process transforms your life. It is based on techniques developed by Debbie Ford, best selling author of The Dark Side Of The Light Chasers, Spiritual Divorce, The Secret Of The Shadow, The Right Questions and The Best Year of Your Life etc. This unique method of coaching changes the connection with your self and shows you the road map to the life that you've been dreaming about.

Mooniek Seebregts will provide you with tools with empowering feedback, clear support and heartfelt inspiration. The sessions are safe, confidential and joyful.

Benefits of this Integrative Coaching relationship include:

  • Learning to access your own inner wisdom (who knows better than you what fits you, what you really look for?)
  • Attaining your personal goals or your vision
  • Understanding what prevents you from manifesting your desires
  • Creating more self-confidence that will bring you a powerful future
  • Learning to love and use all aspects of yourself, 'good' or 'bad'

Why coaching?

Coach Seebregts believes that our lives continuously evolve. First we grow up and learn the rules of the world. Then we implement those rules or change them.

The next step is to wonder who we truly are: how can we create an existence where life can fit us instead of us fitting life? Do you ever feel that your career doesn't really fit you anymore, your body doesn't reflect your inner self, your house is cluttered, your relationships aren't that inspiring? Have you fallen into habits with your partners or does parenting take every ounce of you? If you are at this "how does life fit me" stage, it may be time to reflect and redefine who you are.

Your life is about feeling fulfilled and joyful. Your life is about having choices instead of feeling stuck.  About feeling like a creator versus just floating around.

Why Seebregts coaches?

In short: She found in her own life how 'the power to move forward works'. She wants to assist everyone in moving forward in life! It is so exciting, no matter where you are in life, you can always tap into your own inner world to be more... or reshape our life. She wishes everyone would update their life with a coach. When you connect well with your coach, magic happens. Mountains are moved, habits transformed, relationships created, businesses flourish, parenting becomes a happy task. You'll experience that you are never stuck or alone in creating changes that reflect who you truly are.


Item Special Note

Coaching will occur through the Sacramento office of Master Coach Mooniek Seebregts

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