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Chicago Green Girl Allison Shaewitz, creator of Ecominders, has created a line of reusable stickers to remind you how you can save in all areas of your home, school or office! 

A local mom with a big vision, Allison regularly meets with groups of all ages, and makes the idea of Saving the Planet a fun one!  She took this one step further and developed a line of reusable stickers that help remind us of the little things we can do to save money and save the environment. 

This eco-friendly package includes :

  • ·         5-packs of Home, Office, and Kids & School Ecominder stickers (click on the pictures posted to check them out!)
  • ·         2 Ecominder reusable totes
  • ·         One adult t-shirt
  • ·         One child t-shirt that is cute as a button!  The back says “It’s my planet, and I’ll try if I want to!”

Peel off some environmental awareness.

Ecominders remind you to turn off the water when you brush. Print less from your computer. Or unplug an appliance when you’re not using it... just to name a few. You can use Ecominders on anything and everywhere – around the house, at your offices or in your school. And every time you do, you’ll be helping to reduce carbon emissions, lighten your impact on the planet, and save money.

Ecominders are stickers that are printed green on clear, repositionable stock and were custom designed to fit in the environment they are suited for. Ecominders for Home stickers are perfectly sized for their application and are large enough to be noticed but not in any way obtrusive. Ecominders for Office stickers are a bit larger, with graphics and messaging that will encourage your whole office to think a little greener each day. Ecominders for Kids & Schools stickers are colorful, clever and appealing to a young audience. No matter what Ecominder you choose, you will see how truly easy it is to make a difference when it comes to saving the environment!

Tiny green stickers. Huge potential impact.

Ecominders show you that every action you take towards saving the planet–no matter how small–counts.

Ecominders are printed using eco-friendly inks & environmentally responsible processes by a 100% wind powered printing facility (via Renewable Choice Energy). And 1% of our profits go directly to 1% For the Planet, benefiting numerous environmental efforts around the world.


Special Instructions

In creating Ecominders I wanted to share what I have learned and how truly easy it is to make these small changes in your life, at your home, school and office. Changes that–collectively–can make a huge difference in our impact on the planet: reducing our energy use, water consumption, product waste, and carbon emissions. My experience has been that being green has a contagious effect–once you start, you just want to learn more, do more, and share more.
I hope that Ecominders can be the beginning of this experience for you. And you’re never too old or young to start. Ecominders Kids & Schools provides a great way to get your kids involved in being green, or for kids to get their parents involved!

 So, where do you start?

1. Put Ecominders instructional stickers or logo stickers anywhere you want to be more environmentally aware. (And use them again and again–they're repositionable!)

2. Be “Eco-reminded” to do the little things every day that lighten your impact on the planet.

3. Watch your utility bills go down and reduce your carbon footprint, water consumption and waste.

4. Enjoy how simple it is and how good it feels to help make the planet a greener, cleaner, and better place to live.

5. Share Ecominders with your friends and family and let them know how easy it is to be green!

Have fun and learn at the same time!

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