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Agri-Dynamics Biocel CBT

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$27 USD
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$9 USD

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BIOCEL CBT™ is a sterile, ultra-filtered permeate of whey derived from first and second milking colostrum of older cows which are immunologically experienced. The fats and heavy proteins are removed, leaving a milk-derived “serum” rich in immuno-modulating substances naturally found in colostrum such as antibodies (immunoglobulins), lymphokines, cytokines, lactoferrins, proline-rich polypeptides, lysozymes and numerous other substances that may orchestrate the immune cascade in animals. 
Biocel CBT™ is not intended as an adequate source of passive antibodies.

Item Special Note

Pick up at the NOFA-VT office in Richmond, any weekday between Monday October 17th and Friday October 21st. Office open 8:30-4:30. NOFA-VT can ship items as well and will add shipping fees to your donation.

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