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Small Dog or Cat Feeding Stand by Michelle Gonzalez

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This little stand just pops with color and personality! The colors are bold and the lace pattern is fantastic! The flowers are vivid in color and then outlined in black, giving them a distinctive design that resembles tableaux of stained glass. The painting is bold, but at the same time, whimsical, causing the buyer to feel joy and delight when seeing it. Art by Michelle Gonzalez. michelledesigns2003@yahoo.com                         fineartamerica.com-web site

Item Special Note

This stand is a unique one-of-a-kind piece of art! Because all stands and artwork have been sealed, they can easily be wiped down with a damp towel for easy cleaning.  It is recommended that all stands be used indoors as a precaution against the elements.

Each stand comes with two stainless steel water and food bowls (2 quart for large dog stands, 1 pint for small dog/cat stands).

Approximate dimensions (all dimensions are approximations):  

  • Large Dog Feeding Stations:  Height  11”, Width  24”, Depth  12” 
  • Small Dog or Cat Feeding stations:  Height 5”, Width 18”, Depth  9”

Purchased stands may be picked up from the FACE Foundation office or shipped to buyers (shipping costs will apply).

Artist Bio:

Michelle Gonzalez has not always called California home.  She was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and moved south with her parents when she was five.

Michelle's love of art saw her, as a young girl, copying Masters' work in pencil. At eighteen, she decided to develop her natural talents in a more formal manner and registered at the Fashion Design School in Los Angeles, where she studied fashion illustration.

After her marriage at twenty, Michelle and her husband moved to san Diego, where she continued her studies at san Diego State university, and Mira Costa and Mesa College, majoring in Fine Art.  During this period, while attending a plein air painting class in the city's Balboa Park, Michelle met and subsequently developed a friendship with an art teacher who was to have an important influence on her creative endeavors. Recognizing her unique manner of working with watercolor, he became her mentor, encouraging and guiding her to further develop her own individual style of painting.

Thirty years have passed since that fortunate meeting, and Michelle has grown and blossomed in her work, filling her canvases with images painted in vivid colors, and then further defining these images by outlining them in black, thus producing a distinctive design that resembles tableaux of stained glass. The paintings are bold, but at the same time, whimsical, causing one to feel joy and delight when gazing upon them.

Michelle is a proponent of painting on location in plein air, where she will typically install herself for a couple of hours, sketching and painting to capture the scene. She enjoys this experience-the people, the sounds, the colors around her.  This is part of the process that helps develop a feeling for   the locale. which is then reflected in her paintings. The black lines, which are her trademark, bring the paintings to life.  According to Michelle, "Painting is like food for me; it is what sustains my life each day."

Michelle has received many awards during her years of work.  Her works are collected throughout the world, in countries as diverse as France, England, Germany, Canada, Australia and here in the United States. She also likes to travel aboard to Paint, and many of her paintings reveal these foreign sites.   But her favorite locations are those from Newport Beach all the way south to the coastal towns of San Diego County, and then the city itself, all which provide images of great diversity, from floral to architectural, as well as landscape, seascapes and figures.

Michelle enjoys sharing her life with her two grown children and one grandson. She continues to live in Encinitas, California.

Memberships: San Clemente Art League                        Spanish Village Art Association-studio 6                       

Contact info: michelledesigns2003@yahoo.com                   fineartamerica.com-web site


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