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Large Dog Feeding Station by Michael Atella

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San Diego artist Michael Atella calls this stand "Field." His art is truly original and unique, and in fact, he won't give up the details of his process! The entire stand is coated in a thick resin and has a rich, shiny, heavy plastic feel. Thick rubber bumpers are on the bottom of each leg to protect against sliding. Awesome artwork!

Item Special Note

This stand is a unique one-of-a-kind piece of art! Because all stands and artwork have been sealed, they can easily be wiped down with a damp towel for easy cleaning.  It is recommended that all stands be used indoors as a precaution against the elements.

Each stand comes with two stainless steel water and food bowls (2 quart for large dog stands, 1 pint for small dog/cat stands).

Approximate dimensions (all dimensions are approximations): 

  • Large Dog Feeding Stations:  Height  11”, Width  24”, Depth  12” 
  • Small Dog or Cat Feeding stations:  Height 5”, Width 18”, Depth  9”

Purchased stands may be picked up from the FACE Foundation office or shipped to buyers (shipping costs will apply).

Artist Bio:


Michael Atella is a multi-disciplinary artist who delights in capturing nature in ways that simplify and electrify using bold primary colors. His early work began by painting directly onto glass to experience a fluid smoothness of brush to surface. Later, he experimented with a myriad of textures in the search for a way to unleash his expression, and that way came in the form of a bit of chemistry and some flame. Michael's background as a chemical engineer helped him develop a way to bond an image to the canvas by using fire - or a "fireknife" as he likes to call it. The result is a poppy contemporary style that uses bold colors and accents to draw your eye toward the magnetic north of the piece.

Since Michael only creates when he is happy, his art is dedicated to his greatest muse - his adorable wife Jennifer, who inspires him to fuse his imagination to the canvas. Each piece is created in an attempt to see her face light up, and he knows if he succeeded when she first takes in the image. His first painting was years before he met her, but he stopped with the one and never picked up a brush afterwards. That changed when he met her, and he found the spark he needed to ignite that passion for art once again. She is, truly, his muse.

Michael believes his works are a constantly evolving journey, but you're welcome to join him. Although he enjoys being a mystery, he shares clues to his soul in his work. Every piece has a positive message, and every message gives you a clue to the enigma named Michael.


If you remember to look at the world, really look, you'll enjoy life in a state of constant, total amazement.


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