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Small Dog or Cat Feeding Station by Emily Rood

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An imported Japanese newspaper and cherry blossom images were used to create a unique super-cute, Asian inspired piece of art! Artist Emily Rood is currently based in Ocean Beach, San Diego.

Item Special Note

This stand is a unique one-of-a-kind piece of art! Because all stands and artwork have been sealed, they can easily be wiped down with a damp towel for easy cleaning.  It is recommended that all stands be used indoors as a precaution against the elements.

Each stand comes with two stainless steel water and food bowls (2 quart for large dog stands, 1 pint for small dog/cat stands).

Approximate dimensions (all dimensions are approximations): 

  • Large Dog Feeding Stations:  Height  11”, Width  24”, Depth  12” 
  • Small Dog or Cat Feeding stations:  Height 5”, Width 18”, Depth  9”

Purchased stands may be picked up from the FACE Foundation office or shipped to buyers (shipping costs will apply).

Artist Bio:


 I get pretty overwhelmed by the vastness of energy on this planet.  I try to fathom what is going on in the universe and feel absolutely trumped as a human.. And I should.  Whether someone is laughing at me at the end of the tunnel or if it all ends with nothing... I will ponder all options and use expression as an outlet throughout this lifetime.  There is no factual grasp on why we are here or what the point of this whole circus is... But my work strives to make sense, or at least light of it, for me.  If anyone can take something meaningful or positive from my work then it has served its purpose. 

 My work is a celebration of Life.  Being that life typically requires sun, which is synonymous with light, which is often an analogy or metaphor involving positivity, I incorporate positive thought into the work.  Every day is a gift, and the beauty I feel, I try to express in some way.  I believe there is a lot of beauty in this world that needs to be felt, celebrated, and shared.  Or this would be one hell of a depressing life, and I support the focus on the ladder.

 I have been blessed to meet many people who encouraged and taught me how to live responsibly:  I am referring to being aware of myself and my actions, and the impact it has on others and the environment.  This has made me more sensitive to the feelings of people and the state of my environment.

 As human beings, we are naturally social and expressive.  Respecting each other and our planet is an integral key to living happily, healthily, and harmoniously. Beyond brick walls, there is real beauty and real truth.  The natural beauty that surrounds us is quickly being torn apart and uprooted for our material values.   The state of our environment is highly out of natural balance, and as a result, I believe we are out of balance.

 Right Now... We need a change in the direction of our future, or generations to come are going to live in very dismal circumstances.  Many people have said to me "Why should I care? I'm not going to be around." And I am guilty of thinking that once too.  All I can say is... Do the Right thing.  Do it for the people who will live after us and for the planet that provides for us.  We may get by with being selfish and lazy now, but a wise woman once told me, "Karma is a b- - - - ."

 We all have the ability to help without breaking a sweat: Turning off lights and appliances, taking only as much as we need, carpooling or riding a bike, composting, buying local, recycling, and thrifting.  It's fun and it makes you feel good :-) 

*The above picture is a bike generator some of my friends in the Sierra Student Coalition at Ohio University built- as you peddle, you are charging a battery that can be used to charge other appliances- or in this case, power up a stereo. I know, I know.. It's awesome. 

A little bit about me..

 I grew up in a number of places from Mississippi to Ohio.  I attended high school at Mason, where I began to truly apply myself in art.  I was so fortunate to have wonderful teachers, one of which asked me to help paint a series of murals for the school, which still hang till this day. 

I attended Ohio University in Athens, OH and received a Bachelor's of Art, Architecture, and Marketing (a degree I made myself mainly to graduate on time). 

I love Athens and I feel that is where I "grew up" the most.  It's a small center of consciousness in southeastern Ohio with loads of soul, art, free thinkers and doers.  Not to mention beautiful rolling hills, trees, and lots of history. I met a number of phenomenal artists, musicians, writers, political & environmental activists, and enlightened individuals during my five years there.

In 2008, I was hired by the Sierra Club to run Power Vote on Ohio University's campus.  The Sierra Student Coalition along with several other student groups combined forces to raise environmental awareness in the town during election season.  I worked very closely with thousands of inspired young people from all over the country; it was incredibly empowering, and I am very optimistic about our future.

Inspired by environmentally consciousness ways of living, I moved to the Big Island of Hawaii to study sustainability first hand.  I traveled through the WOOF program and found myself work-trading at an eco-hostel and eventually a Kona coffee farm.

Additionally, the Hawaiian recycling center blows every other recycling facility out of the water.  They have thousands of books and clothing items (25 lbs. for 1$), used paint, suitcases, appliances, computers, toys, art, auto parts, exercise equipment, you name it.  Not to mention, a buy back system for recycled glass, aluminum, and plastic.

After Hawaii I moved to Honesdale, PA to teach ceramics.  Yes... This is the same place where Wet Hot American Summer was filmed.  Only it wasn't quite as randy and unsupervised.  I struggled to keep the over- priveledged children from making inappropriate objects with their clay before happily returning to Cincinnati.  I met some great people there from all over the world, and got to play with clay all day.

I eventually moved back to Cincinnati; which was supposed to be very temporary, but I began seeing a side of Cincinnati that I love.  

I came across the Pop Revolution Gallery in Mason. Downtown Mason was the last place I would have expected to find people who could talked to me about the Zeitgeist movement while pictures of corporate money monsters and phallic iconography adorn the walls.  Until I met the folks around this gallery, I thought the suburbs had certainly suffocated all forms of creativity.

I moved downtown and began to engulf myself in the artistic community in Over the Rhine.  There is a huge community of artists in OTR- from young and old hippies to ex-Congressmen and students from the School of Creative and Performing Arts. There are hundreds of people that come together on Second Sundays in OTR to appreciate each others' passion for making and sharing art

For just about any and everything happening in Cincinnati- check out www.cincinnatiusa.com

Getting the travel itch and dreading the Ohio winter that was slowly and surely approaching, I looked for jobs in California.  I found a position with Marriott so I packed up my little car and drove across the country. Currently, I reside in Ocean Beach, San Diego.. Rough, I know.  Every day is an adventure and I am really enjoying the west coast vibes.  The art scene in San Diego is not as prevalent as I expected.  I came with the idea that the market would be fiercely competitive and saturated... Turns out there is a huge arena to work in and I have met some incredible artists that I will be teaming up with.  My first show was at Eden NightClub in Hillcrest- it was an amazing benefit to support the Lois Merrill Foundation.  We raised over $10,000 for cancer research.  I am excited to continue growing in the art community and for the opportunity to show my work in other areas of San Diego.

My point is, I have a number of incredible experiences that have left an impression on me.  People and places that have helped shape me into a being that I am forever grateful to be.  I hope that I can create things that bring light into the lives of others.

 I would like to thank the Higher Power for blessing me with a wonderful and amazing family. As I've grown up, I have started to realize that it is a rare occurrence to find yourself surrounded by people you love, and that love you back.... Amen.

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