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Small Cat Stand by Sharon Lacy-Huff

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Please don't purchase this feeding stand for you dog. ;) Absolutely adorable kitty-kat stand!! Everyone who sees it LOVES IT! Art by Sharon Lacy-Huff

Item Special Note

This stand is a unique one-of-a-kind piece of art! Because all stands and artwork have been sealed, they can easily be wiped down with a damp towel for easy cleaning.  It is recommended that all stands be used indoors as a precaution against the elements.

Each stand comes with two stainless steel water and food bowls (2 quart for large dog stands, 1 pint for small dog/cat stands).

Approximate dimensions (all dimensions are approximations): 

  • Large Dog Feeding Stations:  Height  11”, Width  24”, Depth  12” 
  • Small Dog or Cat Feeding stations:  Height 5”, Width 18”, Depth  9”

Purchased stands may be picked up from the FACE Foundation office or shipped to buyers (shipping costs will apply).

Artist Bio:


As a young girl I was always drawing, sketching . . . Dreaming how I might redecorate a room or redesign a dress.  I’m a doodler from way back.  In college, I let go of my dream to major in art.   As an undergrad at UC Berkeley in the late 60’s I found myself the only one in class that drew an apple that looked like an apple.  I couldn’t relate!

Funny how things so often come full circle -- in my work as a therapist I was drawn to the expressive arts.  There’s tremendous insight gained through expressing the unspoken; painting became my favorite tool.

After retiring as a therapist, I decided to paint for myself and here I have found “my place.”  My paintings typically start off with an easy flow of colors; I lean towards a warm  palette. Quickly the process becomes more chaotic -- sometimes forced and linear, usually turning into something more circular . . . softer.  

I work until a place for an image appears and then meet the challenge to develop the painting using acrylic paint, mediums for texture, at times, photo transfers , metallic paints and, always, many layers.

I allow myself to sink into the chaos.  Though often this is not a comfortable place, it is what makes the painting “mine” as I seek out the color, the expression, the light, the form that speaks to me. Often it is a Buddha or some image that I find calming. Usually this is a process that occurs several times before I finally release the painting knowing that it’s truly from my heart. 

With every brushstroke I’m reminded that all of creation has evolved from chaos and that without chaos there would be no life.  No beauty.  Each painting reminds me to trust . . . Knowing I will find my way to the light.

                                            Sharon Lacy-Huff

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Sharon Lacy-Huff