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Limited Edition DOXA SUB 750T GMT Professional Watch

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Own an official dive watch for Jean-Michel Cousteau's Ocean Futures Society!

With a common passion for preservation of our blue planet, Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society has chosen the DOXA SUB as the Expedition Team’s official time keeper.

“I remember my first DOXA SUB watch with fondness. I depended on that watch during the many expeditions I was on with my father, Jacques-Yves Cousteau,” says Jean-Michel Cousteau, President and Founder of Ocean Futures Society. “I am proud to have my expedition team wear the DOXA SUB again!”

The DOXA SUB was designed with the input of Jean-Michel’s father and co-inventor of SCUBA Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau and was introduced in 1967. It is the first dive watch to incorporate a non-decompression dive time table integrated into the watch bezel. The DOXA SUB, well known for its orange dial, has become standard equipment of professional divers all over the world since its release in 1967.

“DOXA has a history of endorsing ocean research and preservation and are looking forward to working together with Ocean Futures Society as a continuation of our commitment and dedication to what we consider to be the most important environmental concern of our time,” states Rick Marei, General Manager DOXA watches USA. “We wholeheartedly support the Ocean Futures Society’s mission to educate on a global level about the importance of the ocean, its integral nature to the survival of our planet, and ways that it can be preserved, understood and maintained.”

DOXA and Jean-Michel Cousteau's Ocean Futures Society –
legacies in diving and ocean conservation.

About the DOXA SUB 750T GMT Professional:

    The DOXA SUB is synonymous with adventure in and out of the water. Of course, the biggest adventure you might encounter is fighting the traffic into work, a particularly tough session on the treadmill at the gym, or bath time with your kids. But what about when you hit the road? Ironically enough, even with advances in computer and telecommunications technology, more and more of us have to travel regularly for work - and if we're lucky, for pleasure too! All of this travel takes a toll on us as we try to keep up with events at home, or keep connected to our office while we're away.
    Okay, maybe not physically, but with the DOXA SUB 750T GMT Professional you can certainly know the time in three places at once. The majority of GMT watches will give you two time zones, but with DOXA'S innovative rotating 24-hour internal bezel, you can see three separate time zones at once.
    The DOXA SUB 750T GMT Professional is unique. Along with the normal hour, minute and second hands, it also has an additional over-sized 24-hour hand to display a second time zone. As with any "normal" watch, the hour hand travels from 12 - 12 twice a day. DOXA'S 24-hour hand makes this same journey only once per day, corresponding to the 24-hour markers on both the dial, and the rotating 24 hour internal bezel - thus giving you three time zones at once!
    The screw down crowns ensure that you will not "lose" the time zone by moving the external bezel as you might with other dive watches that use the external bezel for an additional time reference. Let's face it - you might still want to dive! This is another feature that makes the DOXA SUB 750T GMT Professional so special. A screw-down crown at 2 o'clock operates the rotating, 24-hour internal bezel. Once you have set the time zone, simply screw the crown back down, and it will be locked in place.
  • Whether being on time for your daughter's school play, not missing the conference call with the home office, or making sure you don't miss your flight connection through LAX to your South Pacific vacation, the DOXA SUB 750T GMT Professional is for you, the action hero in the greatest adventure story of all - life.
  • Limited Edition: 1200 pieces, made and assembled by hand in Switzerland

Special Instructions

Limited edition number 0387 out of 1000 pieces. This item has never been worn and is in the original DOXA world famous "SCUBA bottle" presentation case made of heavy anodized aluminum. SUB 750T has a solid stainless steel bracelet and an orange rubber wristband in the case.  Also, in the case is a high quality Bergeon screwdriver to aid in removing links on the bracelet.  Included for the winning bidder is DOXA's 2 year limited warranty.

Bidder is responsible for Shipping and Handling fee, which will be added to the winning bid amount. Items will be shipped from Ocean Futures Society in California via UPS and billed at standard industry rates for 3 day shipping. Shipments originating at the Ocean Futures Society are carbon neutral. (If shipment is international, Bidder will also be responsible for any customs fees.)

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