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Kalani Drum Circle Sticks by Vic Firth (Perfect for the Classroom!)

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Kalani is well known throughout the world as a keynote speaker, clinician, performer, author and educator. His company, Kalani Music, is an approved continuing education provider for music educators, music therapists and health care professionals and offers training in Developmental Community Music (DCM) facilitation.

Each product in Kalani’s Developmental Community Music series reflects years of experience working with players, students and educators. The line provides teachers and facilitators with high quality products developed for playing the instruments most often used in recreational music. Designed to stand up to the demands of the activity, Kalani’s Drum Circle Series is offered at a price that is affordable for larger group settings.

The item up for auction comprises Kalani's signature artist line with Vic Firth, and contains the following:

(12 Pack) Kalani's Circle Sticks (KDC2)
For small hand held percussion instruments. Easy to control. Packs of 12 include 3 each of red‚ blue‚ green and yellow sticks. In hickory.
L = 9" | Dia. = 1/2"

(1) Kalani's Dundun Stick
Full dynamic range without added weight. For dundun‚ taiko drums and any other large double-headed bass drums. In ash. Sold singly.
L = 16" | Dia. = .938"

(1) Kalani's Circle Mallet 1
Soft rubber mallet that is perfect for 8 - 12" frame drums. With maple shaft. Sold singly. L = 11 5/8" | Head = 1 5/64" (Blue)

(1) Kalani's Circle Mallet 2
Soft rubber mallet for frame drums that are 12" or larger. With maple shaft. Sold singly.
L = 12" | Head = 1 11/32" (Red)

(1) Kalani's Circle Mallet 3
Rubber mallet covered with fleece that is perfect for soft playing on 8 - 12" frame drums. With maple shaft. Sold singly. (Blue)
L = 11 5/8" | Head = 1 9/32"

(1) Kalani's Circle Mallet 4
Rubber mallet covered with fleece for soft playing on frame drums that are 12" or larger. With maple shaft. Sold singly.
L = 12" | Head = 1 9/16"

Item Special Note

Winning Bidder Pays $8.00 S/H UPS Ground. No international sales, all sales final.

Proceeds raised from this item will go towards Guitars in the Classroom's mission of transforming pre-k through high school classrooms by training teachers to integrate musical learning in lessons in order to increase student engagement, employ oral language practice, and promote student achievement across the academic curriculum.  In our free workshops, teachers learn to sing with confidence, play guitar, lead songs, and to select, teach, and facilitate the student writing of educational songs. This daily integration of music with academic learning provides positive, inspiring musical access for all students as part of the regular school day.

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