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Figurative 1 by Marcello Romeiro!!

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Figurative 1 by Marcello Romeiro

Limited Edition print signed by the artist.
Size: 11.7" x 16.5"
Status: Unframed

About the Artist

Full name: Marcello Romeiro
Artistic name: Marcello Pilgrim
Signature: mromeiro
Brazilian, natural of Waterfall of the Sul - RS, born on November 7, 1966.

Artistic formation:
Curso of Painting of the School of Music and fine arts of Parana - EMBAP.
Especialista in plastic arts for University of Artses of Parana - FAP.
Course of Free Drawing - Suzana Lobo - Museu Guido Viaro.
Course of Materials of Painting - Sergio Prata - SESC of the Corner.
Course of Ceramic of High Temperature - Sergio Wrublevski - Good Jesus of the Village.
Course of Semi-optics in the Artses - Alberto I. Puppi - Museu Alfredo Andersen.
Workshop Project "Last Form" - Workshop of Drawing - Dulce Ozinski and Uiara Bartira - EMBAP.
Workshop Project "Last Form" - Workshop of Grafitagem - I Group Tupinamba - EMBAP.
Course of Digital Painting - Celito Medeiros - the artist's Studio - Curitiba - Parana.

Projects and Consultantships:
Organizacao and Participation as Coordinator of the Area of Sculpture in the Projeto Integrarte.
Assessoria in foundry, foundry to vacuous - Hoffel Ltda - Curitiba.
Assessoria in foundry, foundry to vacuous - Fergra Ltda - Sao Paulo - SP.

Published works:
Course of Geometric Drawing - CEC - Curitiba.
Course of Geometry Glides / Space - Center of Estudos Solucao - Curitiba.
Curso of Geodesic Basic - I Study New Generation - Curitiba.
Artigo - Technology to Service of the Art, Tabloid "Varau", Marco / April 94 - Curitiba.

Exhibitions and samples:
Exhibition Collective I - Drawings - Sala W. K. Freyslebem Curitiba
Collective Exhibition II - Landscapes - Room W. K. Freyslebem - Curitiba
Exhibition Permanent Gallery Acaiaca 89 to 90 - Sculptures - Curitiba
Exhibition Permanent Gallery Del Art 89 to 90 - Sculptures - Curitiba
Exhibition Permanent Gallery Taja Studio of Art 90 to 94 - Sculptures - Curitiba
Collective of Inauguration of the Galeria Boscardim - Sculptures - Curitiba
Individual Exhibition - I Project Integrarte - Sculptures - Curitiba
Exposicao EMBAP 90 - Sculptures - Parque Sao Lourenco - Curitiba
Participacao in the 1st Display of Escultura Jao Turim Marries Joao Turim - Curitiba
Participacao in the 3rd Display Project Integrarte - A.M.O.R.C. - Curitiba
Participacao in Biennial III of Santos - I
Center Cultural Patricia Galvao - Santos - SP
Exposicao in the Center of Culture of Sapiranga - Sapiranga - RS
Exposicao in New Shop Taquara - Taquara - RS
Exhibition Collective World to Steam - World to Steam - Cinnamon - RS
Exhibition Permanent Galeria Nini Barontini 2000 to 2002 - Sculptures - Curitiba


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